2019 GCSE Summer Results

Torpoint Community College

Press release 2019 GCSE summer results

Inspired Optimistic Learners” from Torpoint Community College celebrate their GCSE results.

Inspired students at Torpoint Community College, have achieved an array of outstanding GCSE examination results. This is now the third year through the new English and mathematics GCSEs and the second year through many of the new reformed GCSEs for most other subjects. Hailed as the most significant change in the examination system since O-levels were replaced over 30 years ago, the “more demanding, more fulfilling and more stretching” examinations were introduced to help the UK better compete internationally. The new GCSEs cover more challenging content and are designed to match standards in the strongest performing education systems elsewhere in the world. 

The number of students attaining GCSE grades of 4 or above, identified as the standard pass, in English and mathematics was 72%. Dr Jeremy Plumb, Headteacher said “This achievement across the College is a reflection of each and every inspired individual learner, together with the support and encouragement of their families. Congratulations to all students for their individual achievement and praise to all staff who have steered the students through the new courses and examinations. The College is looking forward to welcoming a significant number of these students into the hugely successful Sixth Form at the College which again this year also celebrates good results and sees every student move successfully to their next steps”

At this early stage of examination analysis, with several results yet to come in and the array of changes to courses, examinations and GCSEs, 57% of students gained a minimum of 5 or more GCSEs grade 4 or above including English and mathematics. Students achieved the highest grades of 9 or a Distinction in a number of their GCSEs and Btec courses. There were particular Torpoint Community College stars in terms of attainment this year and there are many other students that have achieved excellent personal bests, making significant progress. The College congratulates all students for their own outstanding achievement. The achievement of all individuals will be celebrated at a special awards ceremony in December 2019 when students collect their examination certificates. 

Although it is difficult to make direct comparisons with previous years, due to the complex changes in grading of GCSE, it is clear from the results that the class of 2019 was a very special group and whilst students celebrated their achievements, individual subject areas celebrated student successes with above average pass rates in an array of different curriculum areas.

Progress 8 was introduced in 2016 as the headline indicator of school performance. Progress 8 aims to capture the progress that each student in a school makes from the end of primary school to the end of year 11. It is a type of value added measure, which means that pupils’ results are compared to the progress of all other students nationally with similar prior attainment. Every increase in every grade a student achieves will attract additional credit in school performance tables. The progress 8 at Torpoint Community College has improved again this year showing a three year trend of increased progress for all students from 2017 to 2019.

Dr Jeremy Plumb, Headteacher at the College said “All the staff and Governors at the College are extremely proud of our students’ achievements and are looking forward to watching them continue to achieve and inspire others in their chosen journey after GCSEs and A-Levels. Well done”.