Task 2 Catering Practical Exams

Task 2 Catering Practical Exams

Our year 11 Catering students have once again excelled in the GCSE Practical exams, worth 40% of their final GCSE grade. This year’s task was to plan, prepare, cook and serve a two course meal for two covers, that best represented a country of their choice, as well as demonstrating a range of different cooking methods and high level skills. This year was no exception and yet again students produced some stunning dishes. All students worked extremely hard and produced gorgeous food, however a few students work really stood out. In particular Sam Evans who chose to create a French menu. He served Salmon En Croute, dauphinoise potatoes served with julienne carrots and al dente French beans, followed by a Pate Sucre tartlet with Crème Patisserie, fresh berries and apricot glaze. Another exceptional menu was created by Tom Martin who served a divine chocolate soufflé which had an excellent rise and a gooey middle, (exactly as it should and incidentally very difficult to achieve!!)

The students have really worked well and produced many complex dishes in limited time.

Well done!