Apprenticeship Success at TCC

Apprenticeship Success at TCC

We are delighted to announce that a high number of TCC students have gained prestigious apprenticeship following their successful year 11 work and a great set of results at GCSEs.

Matt Blair and Tom Short are at Mashfords Boatyard.

Tyler Foster and Lance Dearden are at Babcock.

Oliver Rickard  joined Princess Yachts.

For some of the students, the interview process included many challenging tasks and started back in October 2016. Students had to show resilience, drive and determination through the whole process. Miss Thomas is particularly pleased in the knowledge that, for some of them, their beautiful outstanding work in Product Design has been important in their interview process to enable them to talk about their experiences in designing and making.

Miss Thomas said, “All of the students worked on a Design Brief which tasked them to design and make a low voltage light which used card as its main material and had as small an environmental impact as possible. The students went through a rigorous design process developing not only the aesthetics and function but also considering a budget, manufacturing process and evaluating their product at the end. They also had a written exam which tested their general Design Technology understanding; different materials, manufacturing processes, developments in technology, product analysis and so on. This knowledge and understanding proved exceptionally useful during the interview process as they had to demonstrate both a practical and theoretical knowledge. I am really proud of their achievements and all their creative hard-work.”

So huge congratulations to the students. We hope that they keep in touch to let us know their progress and to educate our younger students about the merits of an apprenticeship.