Bodmin Moor Poetry Festival

Bodmin Moor Poetry Festival

On 29-31st May 2015, Beth Lancaster along with Ms. Bertram, attended the Bodmin Moor Poetry Festival at the Sterts Theatre, Liskeard.  Beth had been invited to attend by the organisers, David Woolley and Ann Gray to recite her poem – originally recited at the ‘Poetry By Heart’ county competition which took place in January of this year.  She was also invited to read/recite some of her own poems from her extensive repertoire.

The Festival was a truly fantastic event celebrating poetry; packed with information and entertaining speakers.  An inspiring day which was filled with both excitement and calm – learning and sharing – and one which we very much look forward to repeating next year.

Ms. Bertram said ‘I couldn’t be more proud of Beth for her involvement in the evenings Cabaret slot, where she entertained the audience with a moving and spell-binding recitation of Denise Riley’s ‘A Misremembered Lyric’.  It wasn’t only appreciated by both myself and the hosts, but also by Anthony Wilson – lecturer and poet, who wrote on his Blog:’  

“In a faultless rendition of the poem, our speaker expertly guided us through the poem’s breathtaking shifts and turns which demand complete attentiveness from the listener/reader. Then, right on cue, it began raining: ‘Rain lyrics. Yes, then the rain lyrics fall.’ So I now read the poem with the electric memory of its nerveless delivery in my mind: a young woman declaring Riley’s lines as though they had just occurred to her below a non-soundproofed roof with the elements closing in.  What do we want from a poetry reading? We are all different, but alongside the preparedness to be vulnerable I would also take drama, and an openness to the risk of the given moment. By which I mean acknowledgement of the rain above you, by which I mean pretending as though you had arranged it that way. This reading had that. All of it.”

Many congratulations to Beth and thank you to David and Ann for inviting our star student of poetry recitation to attend this fantastic event.