College Holocaust Education Nationally Celebrated

College Holocaust Education Nationally Celebrated

Last month we had the pleasure of delivering two photobooks to UCL Centre for Holocaust Education. These photobooks consisted of work undertaken by Mrs Debbie Jones, Art & Design teacher and her tutor group in 2018, as a response to the Holocaust Memorial Day theme of ‘Torn From Home’.

Mrs Jones was inspired and motivated to provide research in the form of a sketchbook, following the visit from a Holocaust survivor, Mala Tribich MBE, to Torpoint Community College in 2017. When asked by a colleague, ‘Mala…what would you like us to do now?’, Mala replied, ‘Tell the stories of those who cannot’.

Mrs Jones took on this task and following the creation of her phenomenal sketch book, it inspired her tutor group to provide art work, as a creative response to the theme, Torn From Home.

UCL Centre for Holocaust Education shared this work nationally through their website and through social media, and commented, This week the Centre received two copies of a very special photo book…its cover image is Debbie’s final piece…a truly inspirational accumulation of all of her thorough and engaging research and a humbling example of how one person’s story can inspire not just one colleague, but in turn many young people.

We have passed on a copy to Mala, and have retained one in our office. It’s proof of how one teacher, her students, a wider school community can be inspired by a survivors testimony. It reminds us that knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust can take many forms, including resulting in the most incredible artwork. We know Mala will be as touched, inspired and impressed by the school, its teachers and students commitment to Holocaust education. On behalf of the Centre, many thanks to Mrs Charlotte Lane for inspiring this response as Beacon School Lead Teacher at Torpoint Community College – to the remarkably talented Ms Debbie Jones and to the students who were informed, engaged, inspired and empowered by her sketchbook”. What a wonderful creative legacy as a result of Mala’s words!