Coronavirus Update Letter

Coronavirus Update Letter

Dear Parents

As a College we continue to follow daily government advice via the Department for Education and Public Health England. Today during tutor time all students were shown a powerpoint with regard to the coronavirus. There was a focus on the facts and what we can do to prevent becoming infected with the virus. The documents used can be found on the College website for your information.

The two links below offer the clearest advice on the current situation. Public Health England has issued advice to everyone on precautions to take with regard to the coronavirus. Please read the advice, which is In short, the travel situation is this; there are two groups of countries listed in the advice. If you have travelled back from the first group, the advice is to self-isolate, regardless of whether you have any symptoms or not. If you have travelled back from the second group, the advice is to self-isolate if you have any C-19 symptoms.

The DfE has also issued comprehensive advice for schools which can be found here

Following the COBRA meeting held last week, schools have been informed that any potential closure (either national or localised) will be directed by Public Health England. There is no indication at this stage that this will happen. However, we would like to reassure you that we are currently putting plans into place regarding methods of communication with parents/carers and students and how work will be set for students to undertake, particularly those in the examination year groups, should we have to close. We also continue to monitor closely the information being shared by Ofqual and JCQ with regards to any potential impact on examinations. To that end, the senior leadership team have held strategy meetings covering the full range of issues and possible eventualities including closure. We will of course keep you updated as the situation develops.

Coronavirus Update For Students

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