Dining Hall



1 slice bacon 35p
1 sausage 30p
Bacon/sausage sandwich £1.10/£1.00
Toast/slice bread 20p
Jam/choc spread 15p
Marmite 10p
Bagel 60p
Waffle 65p
Crumpet 25p
Pancake 40p



Mini pizza 35p
Pizza slice 70p
Pizza pocket 65p
Beanie 55p
Bacon + cheese turnover 80p
Sausage roll 75p
Noodles 80p
Pasty £1.50



Main meal £1.90
Main meal + dessert of the day £2.30
Pizza £1.00
Salad pot £1.40
Salad portion 45p
Veg cup 60p
Chips (Monday + Fridays only) £1.00
Bakes beans 45p
Portion of cheese 45p
Fresh made rolls 60p
Small rolls 40p
Small baguettes (filled) £1.20
Large baguettes £1.75
All sandwiches £1.50
Jacket potato £1.00
Fillings for jackets 40p
Fresh fruit salad £1.20
Fresh fruit portion 45p
Fresh fruit cup 60p
Sauce portion 10p

 Torpoint Community College 2013

Lunch Menus

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Please note, if any student has any special dietary needs, please contact Mrs Crago (Catering Manager) so we can accommodate you. The menus shown above may also be subject to change, depending on supplier constraints, however we will endeavour to maintain the above menus wherever possible.