DofE Expeditions 2016


Dear DofE Participants

Confirmation of the dates for the 2016 Bronze and Gold expeditions:

Bronze Practice Expedition 9th and 10th April

Bronze Qualifying Expedition – 18th and 19th June

Gold one day training, following on from the practice for Tom, Ben and David – 6th April

Gold Qualifying Expedition for Tom, Ben and David – 15th to 19th August – location can be decided, please see me ASAP for further details.

New Gold Participants (students who came to see me recently – I require your enrolment forms in the New Year!):

Gold Practice Expedition 6th to 8th April (Dartmoor)

Gold Qualifying Expedition – as above for Tom, Ben and David

There will be training sessions at the College for you starting in the New Year and I shall let you know when these will commence.

Please ensure you carry on logging into your eDofE account and upload your evidence.  If you have any problems with this, do please come and see me, you know my door is always open!

Have a great Christmas everyone and keep up the good work!

Mrs Trotter