DT Foraging Trip

DT Foraging Trip

Year 9 DT students enjoyed a wild foraging trip around the college grounds today with Vix Ryder, from The Family Foraging Kitchen. The trip, which aimed to promote the health benefits of eating straight from the hedgerow, as well as how to identify different species of wild edible plants and flowers, was a huge success, with students making their very own ‘wild edible salad’ which they enjoyed together at the end of the trip.

Vix also discussed in depth the nutrition of the plants students picked and students learnt that stinging nettles contain more iron than any other plant. Furthermore, she discussed exciting and tasty recipes that use these very ingredients; such as wild garlic mayo and a Sorrel Salsa Verde.

Of course, there was a serious aspect to the trip and Vix highlighted in detail the dangers of simply picking any flower or plant that line our hedgerow. She spent time pointing out flowers and plants that were bad for our health and stressed that students must only forage for food with a trained professional and only eat items when they are 110% sure of what it is.

A fun day was had by all, including the head teacher Andrea Hazeldine, who came and made her own salad box.

A massive thank you to Vix Ryder and Year 9 who were a real asset to the college.