Explore Medicine

Explore Medicine with Exeter University

Eight of our Year 12 students recently got the opportunity to visit Exeter University and take part in an Explore Medicine Day to find out more about the skills, qualifications and qualities needed to become a doctor and work within the medical profession. As part of the day they learned some basic life support skills which included the ‘head tilt, chin lift’ manoeuvre and how to intubate a patient. They also got some hands on practice at locating the trachea and preserving airways by inserting a variety of breathing tubes.  They learned how to take accurate blood pressure readings using the systolic and diastolic results as well as how to quickly locate the brachial, radial and carotid arteries. They also experienced a lecture and got to explore the science behind why it is that elephants don’t climb mountains! The idea was to mimic the real teaching strategies used when studying medicine where students are given scenarios and asked to ‘diagnose’ possible solutions.



Medicine is a highly demanding career, and this workshop came about as a result of TCC’s Medicine Academy and partnership with Exeter University and our joint determination to ensure all our students can access any profession and aspire to any career. More events related to medicine and health careers are planned for later in the year. Best of luck to our three medicine and veterinary Year 13 applicants who are nervously preparing for interviews as we speak! Go Tyler, India and Flo!