Trust – Funding & Membership

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FundingOnce a trust is set up, who is financially responsible?

The trust is managed by the Board of Trustees, which is financially responsible for the trust. The school remains funded in the same way as previously and the finances are managed by the Governing Body. A trust school is a Local Authority maintained school and will continue to be financed in the same way as other maintained schools.

  Who are the members?

There are different categories of membership; parent, staff (anyone who works for the school, from caretakers to teachers), learners and community members (aimed at small community groups who don’t carry enough weight to be a full blown partner in the Trust but still have an interest in the school). Some schools also have the option for individuals from the local community to become members.
The members of a co-operative trust elect a stakeholder forum. Members of the trust have a direct say in the trust, electing a number of Trustees (usually a minority).
Governance mechanisms ensure key stakeholders – parents/carers, staff, learners and the local community – have a voice through membership.