Gardens for Life Update

Gardens for Life

Gardening for Life posters competition judged by TCC gardening gurus (aka the science technicians)

This involved all Year 8 students producing designs to reinforce how to behave safely and sensibly when out in our garden area.

Top prizes went to Josh Hopson, Saffron Trudgeon and Sam P who all won large packs of chocolate buttons.

Consolation prizes went to Chianna A’lee, Momtaj Hasnet, Rosie Robinson–Jones and Fern Stepp who also received chocolates.

Small packets of Haribo were given to Flora Bennetts, Edward C, Maddie Johnson, Jason Ryder, Abi Mann, Will Cutler, Molly Evans, Jorja Robinson, Harry Webber and Taran Purchall.

One prize winning poster had no name on so that prize was eaten by the judges!

Well done Year 8!

Gardening for Life update

All Year 8 classes have now had access to our gardening resource room and their classrooms are full of plants that they have grown from seed and ready to be planted out soon.

The collection of large (2litre) plastic drinks bottles is on-going. We still need more please in order to have enough to build a greenhouse during Activities Week this summer.