GSUS Live 14-18 March 2016

Students at Torpoint Community College were one of only 2 schools in the entire country to have the GSUS Live mobile classroom and interactive multi-media presentation during the week 14-18 March 2016. The sound and light system created an atmosphere of anticipation as KS 3 Ethics classes entered. A 3D film introduced the 3 themes: Forgiveness, Fear&Rejection!

Students were able to investigate one or more of the themes as part of their study of the world faith Christianity; using touch screen computers and headphones.  The desktop included internet searches, bible readings, film and music as well as review postcards. Student’s responses to these issues which relate to the modern world were printed for them individually to keep. There was also a Q&A session where students maturely posed ethical, moral and religious questions to the team. Mrs Fry was extremely impressed with the sophisticated thought and reflection that had gone into the planning and preparation of these questions. Our students listening, reflection and empathy skills at KS 3 were exemplary.

 GSUS Live has been designed to complement and support the Ethics, PHSE and Citizenship which is already taking place in our college curriculum. Core skills developed by our students include engaging with fundamental questions, exploring religious beliefs, teachings and practices, as well as developing personal responses.

A unique and successful week came to an end with the mobile classroom leaving the college on the evening of Friday 18 March but having triggered plenty of thought in our young citizens!