Hate Crimes Competition and Holocaust Memorial Day

Hate Crimes Competition and Holocaust Memorial Day

Last October Year 8 students in PHSE and Ethics were invited to take part in a competition to expose, explore and reflect on the issues surrounding Hate Crime, after a visit from our local police; a representative supporting survivors of the Holocaust and representative from ‘Transfigurations’, a support network for transgender people of all ages.

Students were invited to take part in the competition, open to schools and colleges across Cornwall, asking them to express their feelings and views about all forms of Hate Crime – in either a poster, a leaflet, a poem, a song or an essay.  The response from our students was fantastic, and the level of thought and attention to this task was outstanding.  This was recognised by the local police authority who, with additional agencies, received the entries from TCC with huge appreciation and awarded a range of prizes to our students for their considered responses.

Ten of our students were awarded prizes as runners up, and three were announced winners in their individual categories.  Prizes were presented to our students by Constable Geoff Turner-Moore on Tuesday 17th January.  TCC was also awarded the top prize for the best essay written by Sam Bacon.  Many congratulations to: Ines Alvarez, Caden Mogg, Matthew Ashdown, Eliza Baker, Kayleigh Jones-Clark, Megan Farrow and Chloe Vincent.

As competition winners we were invited to join the Holocaust Memorial Day exhibition at Truro Cathedral on Friday January 27th, which we attended with twelve of our competition prize winners.  The exhibition included our students’ work, as well as entries from other schools and colleges, and a display providing information about the various stages of Genocide.  A hugely interesting and engaging exhibition, which was not only educational, but also enlightening, exploring the previous decade leading through the ‘path to genocide’ right up to the ‘final act’ of the mass murder of minority groups and the Jewish people.

Truro Cathedral are also in the process of replacing the roof in the coming months, and as such are inviting members of the community, visitors and local community groups to sign a tile in commemoration of the cathedral and these recent events.  TCC were invited to do this to mark the students’ involvement and commitment to their community and the Holocaust Memorial Day.

This was a privilege to be a part of and a pleasure to support with our wonderful students, who are a credit to both TCC and the wider Cornish community.