Health and Wellbeing Day

Health and Wellbeing Day

TCC Sixth Form knows how to take care of its Year 13 students! Recently, all of Year 13 had a Health and Wellbeing Day. The idea was to help equip students with important life skills which will benefit them in their exams and the rest of their lives. Students benefitted from a range of workshops on the day including a study skills workshop so they know how to study independently and be prepared for exams. They also had a self hypnosis and relaxation session run by our own TCC version of Derren Brown, Mr Golding, where they learned techniques to help them manage stress and some of its symptoms like lack of sleep, inability to concentrate etc.  Added to this students had an excellent introduction to aromatherapy and how different essential oils can help alleviate a variety of conditions, from anxiety, to stress related skin conditions. This was a superb session run by Becky Eager from . Students also benefitted from either a reflexology treatment or Indian Head Massage.

A big thank you to our local Millbrook therapists Helen Round and Val Tanner who transported so many students into a state of bliss and calm with their excellent skills!

To round the morning off we were lucky to secure Debbie Thorpe from  Kcalfoods FoodEd to run a feed yourself for a fiver session. Debbie was recently nominated as Food Revolution ambassador of the month and has been involved in voluntary work for the past year including Food Revolution Day 2014. Students learned how to make (and consume!)  a delicious carbonara, but they also learned how to feed themselves well whilst living on a budget with minimal kitchen experience or equipment. Absolutely vital for anyone living independently. The day was finished off with an introduction to Tai Chi run by Tong our Chinese Foreign Language Assistant, this was an excellent way to relax, focus the mind and also stay fit, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed seeing an expert practice their craft so beautifully.

A huge thank you to all the staff, students and experts who made this such an excellent and valued day for us all. We have big plans to expand the day for next year!