Inter House Pi Challenge

Inter House Pi Challenge

The Inter House Pi Challenge took place on Monday and was an ‘edge of the seat’  cliff-hanger between the students who took part.

Defending champ Sam Wainwright was quietly confident of beating his record of remembering pi to 72 digits but Kate Teppin in year 7 came in saying she had memorised up to 80 digits!

After 5 minutes of frantic writing and biting pencils, the time came to count the digits for each student.

Even though Sam had written down well over 80 digits, he made a mistake at digit 41. Tom Lancaster went as far as 51 digits before a 3 digit mix-up, but felt the pi-crown was his for the taking! He was not counting on the new kid on the block – Kate Teppin, who went past everyone by remembering the first 59 digits of pi! Not as good as her claim of 80 digits, but more than good enough to be crowned pi champ of TCC!

Here are the final results….

1st   Kate Teppin (Polhawn)                          59 digits

2nd Tom Lancaster (Tregantle)                    51 digits

3rd Sam Wainwright (Polhawn)                   40 digits

Joint 4th  Lara Drake (Tregantle) and Megan Sotheran (Tregonhawke) 11 digits

Prizes to be given out in house assemblies next week!

Well done everyone who took part.