Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Week

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Week 11th May – 15th May

The campaign, which fights for learners rights to a food education in school, aims to tackle childhood obesity and related health illnesses, by teaching students how to prepare and cook healthy meals, as well as providing pupils with a good understanding of making the right food choices and living a healthy life.

We are all too aware of the rising obesity levels within the UK amongst our children and at Torpoint Community College we wanted to stand up to this and to ensure that all our students have the right to an education on making the right food choices, for now and their future. Getting the right balance now has been scientifically proven to increase attendance at school as well as achievement. Furthermore, as a college we felt it was an imperative that learners had the skills to choose healthy foods, but at the same time we wanted to ensure that we embedded in their minds that food can be both healthy and fun.

The week was jammed packed with a range of different events, which included both the PE and Food Technology departments incorporating this initiative into their SOL, as well as the PE working closely with the YMCA gym, by offering free exercise classes both during and after college to both students and staff. Furthermore, each day a nutritionist was in college to deliver assemblies to students about making the right food choices, which had a massive impact on students as it highlighted the dangers and consequences of a diet rich in processed and refined foods.

On the final day of the campaign, Year 7 students were involved in an two hour workshop, where they watched cooking demos from local chefs such as; Bruce Cole from River Cottage who made a sustainable cod fish cake served with a pesto and garlic dressing. This was a huge success and Tina even recreated it and served it in the canteen that lunchtime, which proved a real success!! Daisy, from The Cornish Seaweed Company who showed students how to make a healthy alternative to crisps, by frying raw seaweed with paprika and Jane Hutton from Trinity Holistic’s who made a rich chocolate brownie using unrefined sugar and raw cocoa beans. The students also got to taste some wild edibles from Vix at the Family Foraging Kitchen, as well as making Jamie Oliver’s ‘Squash it Sandwich’. All in all the day was a huge success, with nearly all students trying something different for the first time and actually enjoying it. They also took away with them that not only is healthy food tasty, it also very simple to create.

A big thank you to Tina Crago and Debbie Thorpe for making this day the success it was.