Learning for Life Day 2 Thursday 24th November 2016

Learning for Life Day 2 Thursday 24th November 2016

The focus for Day 1 and 2 has been on student and staff wellbeing.

Torpoint Community College attaches great importance to the wellbeing of our students and staff.

Year 7 were engaged in activities organised by the Mathematics department and included games such as Smite, Noughts and Crosses, Monopoly etc.

Year 8 sessions were developed by the English team and involved students learning how to knit, communicating by storyboard and going on a sensory walk.

Year 9 Science groups experimented with pressing seaweed, making bath bombs, burning chemistry and investigating leaf litter.

Year 10 had presentations by Brook, LGBTQ Cornwall, Addaction, Heads Up and Devon and Cornwall Police Prevent Officers. Our external visitors were extremely complimentary about the behaviour and attitude of our students, when, exploring and discussing what can be sensitive issues.

Year 11 visited Super Tramp and Plymouth Argyle.

Students and staff reflected that it had been an enjoyable and productive day which achieved the aim of promoting student and staff wellbeing whilst learning new skills.

Well done to everyone.