Macbeth Performances

Macbeth Performances

On Thursday 10th May, a cast of 22 students from Years 7 to 10 put on a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in the Main Hall.  It was a pleasure and a privilege to see so many parents and students there at the evening performance, to share and celebrate an evening of theatre, literature and Drama.

The students were cast in their roles before Christmas and have been rehearsing since January, committing to learning their lines and attending both after College and holiday rehearsals.  Their dedication and commitment to this project has been outstanding.

The play was performed to both Year 8 students at TCC, as well as to Year 6 pupils from Carbeile Primary School, in two matinee performances on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th May.  This was an excellent effort from all concerned and has been celebrated by all who had the pleasure to watch, appreciating in particular the skill of delivering Shakespeare, speaking in language quite foreign to our students!     

Our technical team, including two students in Year 8, were extremely committed to delivering seamless support, with an original score written by Mr Baker (Head of Music) as well as sound effects and lighting, generating ‘special’ effects with few resources. 

Congratulations to one and all – you have all been amazing, and I very much look forward to future projects in 2018-2019, celebrating the diverse skills and talents displayed by so many of our students here in the College.

Ms Bertram