Maths Week

Maths Week 2016

We have had a fun week in the Maths Team this week doing the inter-house spaghetti bridge challenge.

The students loved the challenge and came up with some very interesting designs and ideas for bridges that could hold a bucket full of weights! There was some healthy competition between houses and some great celebrations when the results were announced for each year group. 

The results for each year group are below, showing the total weight held by all the bridges constructed for each house.

Well done to all of the students who took part!

Year 7s

 1st           Polhawn              7.5kg

2nd          Tregantle             6.9kg

3rd           Tregonhawke    5.3kg

4th           Freathy                1.7kg

Year 8s

1st           Tregantle             12kg

2nd          Polhawn              8.5kg

3rd           Freathy                4.4kg

4th           Tregonhawke    2.4kg

Year 9s

1st           Freathy                5.2kg

2nd          Polhawn              4.7kg

3rd           Tregantle             4.5kg

4th           Tregonhawke    2.9kg

Year 10s

1st          Freathy                5.3kg

2nd          Tregantle             4.7kg

3rd           Polhawn              4.2kg

4th           Tregonhawke    3.1kg