Message for Years 7-10

Message for Years 7-10

Dear students

I hope that you have found the first day of remote learning to be manageable and helpful. We are hugely impressed by how many of you have logged onto Show My Homework and accessed your work.  We know it isn’t easy so well done for all of your efforts today. 

I know that some of you have emailed teachers for advice and help and we are keen to support you as much as possible.

As you know, we want you to try and establish a routine by following your normal school timetable and completing an hour of work per subject.  But even more importantly we want you to stay safe and follow all government advice.  The scientists have been very clear that getting together with friends is not safe at the moment, so we hope that you are not getting together in groups and keeping a distance of 2 metres from others if you go out for any reason.

Below is a quick reminder of how remote learning works:

  • Your lessons will be set on SMHW each day: your teachers might direct you to other websites from there or provide resources for you to download.
  • You will usually be set 5 lessons per day – although you may not get set work for practical subjects such as PE or drama.  This is a good chance to take a break.
  • If you are poorly, don’t worry about the work.  Your health comes first.
  • Remember, your tutor is your first point of contact so email them if you need some advice or help.  All teacher emails follow the same format: Please email your teacher or tutor using your school email account.
  • Don’t worry about sending work to your teacher every day.  A lot of you will be working in your exercise books or on paper so you can bring this in with you when you return to College. 
  • Your teacher will inform you if they need you to send them something.

Don’t panic if you don’t get everything done in a day – we understand that you may have to share a laptop with a sibling or have other reasons that make it challenging to get the work done.  Do your best each day and email your class teacher if you have any concerns or problems.

Tip of the day:

Have you ever considered learning sign language?  Well, now is a good time as the BSL have made the decision to make their 20hr online BSL course completely free for anyone under the age of 18:

Well done everyone 😊

Miss Lockett