PCA Trip

On 12th February our post 16 art students visited the Plymouth College of Art. Students were given a guided tour of the workshops and facilities the college has to offer and they  were very motivated by what they saw.

They also had the opportunity to look at some work in progress and a browse through some very inspirational sketchbooks, received a formal talk from the course leader and were given advice about higher education. We would like to thank PCA for being so welcoming to our students.

Proud moment for TCC Student

TCC Student Harry Sprague has recently attended the funeral of Former Gunner and Dispatch Rider Garth Wright, aged 99, as Plymouth saluted its last Dunkirk Veteran.

Harry was representing the MKC (Military Kids Club) and proudly carried their standard.

Badminton Tournament

Congratulations to our six badminton players who were brave enough to face their first badminton tournament at the Life Centre last weekend. They came up against experienced club players, held their own and did themselves proud.

Rosie and Lucy came2nd, Keeley and Ellie came 3rd and Bridgette and Holly came 5th in the under 14s doubles competition. In the under 14s singles Bridgette came 2nd in group A and Holly came 3rd in group B. Holly was also awarded the merit trophy for effort and attitude on court.

This was an amazing experience for all of the students and a really good chance to develop as players. We will be looking for more opportunities to compete this year. Year 7-9 Girl’s Badminton Club is on every Monday lunch time. Miss Milford

Alumni Network

We want to encourage as many former students as possible to sign up to our alumni database so that they can help to inspire our current students and get involved with future career events at the College.
To sign up please go to this link:

Careers Exhibition

We are holding our Careers Exhibition on 12th March. If you or a family member work for an organisation and would like to be represented please contact Mrs Bray or Mrs Clift at the College.

More Careers Education news at TCC

Many Year 10 students are eligible to apply for a place at a residential held at the University of Exeter during the Easter holidays. The residential is free and offers the opportunity for students to stay in a halls of residence and experience what university life is like. Please watch out for the letter home and apply by the deadline. We are planning on taking year 10 students to the Cornwall Skills Show in March – please can parents watch out for the letter home and ensure students bring back their consent forms.

Year 10 ‘Why Would You?’ Performance by the Barbican Theatre Company

As part of our on-going work with Next Steps South West, a university led collaborative outreach project to encourage students to progress on to Higher Education, Year 10 students watched the Barbican Theatre Company present a thought-provoking, one-hour in-school production that followed three students and their decision-making process for their post-18 options on Friday 8th February. This was a great way to get students in Year 10 thinking about their next steps after school and the reasons for and against going to university. Selected students took part in a workshop following the performance where they were able to discover and explore what had happened to the characters in the play. These students were fantastic during the workshop – well done to all involved.

Year 7 Employers Encounter

On Wednesday 6th February, Year 7 students took part in an Employers Encounters event. The students were able to talk to local business professionals to find out why they love their jobs.

Research from the Education and Employers Taskforce shows that a young person who has four or more meaningful encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to be unemployed or not in education or training and can earn up to 22% more during their career. The 2016 Education and Skills Survey reported “a gap between education and the preparation people need for their future,” as well as “a gap between the skills needed and those people have”. Employer encounters help address these gaps in skills and knowledge.

The event was organised with support from David Sellars, our Enterprise Coordinator from the Careers and Enterprise Company and Julie Putman, our Employer Adviser. Julie was able to find a fantastic selection of people to talk to our students including: Adrian Cocks, MCMI Gilbert and Goode Construction; Julie Wood, Manager at Four Seasons Community Care; Andrew Reed, BAM Construct UK; David Gardiner, Chase de Vere, an independent financial adviser; Leanne Andrews, a former student who has now completed her Masters and supports adults in care; Bernadette Parkinson, Plymouth Construction Training Group; Katie Milford, Torpoint and Rame Community Sports Centre, YMCA and Louise Slee, owner of Cornish Pod. We are very grateful for these busy people giving up their time and engaging so well with our students and also want to thank all the Year 7 students who took part in this event so well.

We plan to run similar Employer Encounter speed networking events with Year 8 and Year 9 after half term.

Secondary School Immunisations – 2nd Date

Following the first visit from Kernow Health delivering HPV vaccinations to all Year 8 and 9 girls, and the Meningitis ACWY, Tetanus, Diptheria and Polio vaccinations for all Year 9 girls and boys, the website has now reopened for any parents/carers to register consent for any students that missed the first round.  The online consent form can be found here (School code EE112041) and must be completed no later than Thursday 7th February 2019. Please note any student without consent will not be immunised.

Weather Update – 1st February

The weather conditions in Torpoint have no “Met Office warnings”

Therefore, Torpoint Community College is to be open today and students and staff are asked to make their way safely to the College this morning. It is likely that some students and staff may live in areas where there still could be snow, ice or slush and therefore travelling this morning maybe delayed. This may result in some tutor groups and classes being combined. Please take care on your journey to College this morning.

Adverse Weather Conditions

The weather conditions are currently being closely monitored. There are currently no “Met Office Weather Warnings” for Torpoint and immediate locations.

Therefore, at this present time, the College will be open on Friday 1st February as normal. However, please monitor the College website closely in the morning in the event of adverse weather conditions overnight.

Year 11 Parents Evening

Year 9 Parents Evening

Year 9 Parents Evening

Ten Tors Training – Sunday 13th January

The weather once again turned miserable on Sunday for the first Ten Tors training walk of the year.   Apart from a few errors the students did really well and they all successfully completed the walk which comprised check points around the military ring road near Okehampton Camp.  Thank you again to the volunteers who shadowed the teams or spent the day trying to keep warm at check points!

The next walk is on Sunday 27th January with the planning meeting on Wednesday 23rd 3.30 – 5pm in the College’s Main Hall.

Important Dates for Year 11 Students as well as Parents/Carers

Tuesday 29th January 2019:          Mock Results Evening starting at 6pm.

Tuesday 5th February 2019:          Year 11 Parents Evening from 4.00-6.30pm.

Students have been given a letter today outlining the details of these evenings.  

Year 8 and 9 Immunisations

The College has recently received information from Kernow Health regarding HPV vaccinations planned for all Year 8 and 9 girls, and the Meningitis ACWY, Tetanus, Diptheria and Polio vaccinations for all Year 9 girls and boys. These will take place in the College on Monday 21st January.

Letters explaining the immunisation programme will be given to students to take home to parents/carers; these include details on how to access the online consent form which must be completed no later than Monday 14th January 2019. These letters can also be found below…


Meningitis ACWY & DTP YEAR 9

Please note any student without consent will not be immunised.

Homework Update

A big part of the College’s focus is to ensure we enable students to become successful independent learners; completing homework to a good standard plays a key part in this.

We have recently reviewed how homework is set for Key Stage 3 students and how we support those Year 7, 8 and 9 students towards completing their homework. To this end, in those year groups, English, Science and Maths are the only subjects we will be requiring students to do homework for at home weekly and/or fortnightly. In addition to this English will always be set on a Tuesday,Science on a Wednesday and Maths on a Thursday.

We sincerely hope this will help each and every child get organised into some routine with their homework tasks in the knowledge that each subject will be set the same day each week, and due in either a week later or two weeks later. Many teachers offer homework support and we have a Homework Club open every day at lunchtime. Therefore we do not expect any student to be left unable to complete their homework.

We would like to thank you in advance for supporting your child in completing those weekly or fortnightly tasks for English, Science and Maths.

Ms Blandin-Neaves

Acting Deputy Headteacher

Reminder about mobile phone usage at Torpoint Community College

Whilst many schools locally, nationally and in other countries have decided to put a total ban on mobile phones in their schools, at Torpoint Community College, following some time spent looking at research and talking to staff and students, we feel that educating young people to use their phones responsibly and appropriately is the best approach. We have there fore recently given student assemblies to talk through the importance of using mobile phones appropriately, the potential negative impact on mental health and wellbeing as well as the potential decrease in test scores and GCSE results.

We have a long standing and clear policy on mobile phone usage so students have been reminded that they can use their phones at breaktime and lunchtimes in the canteen, canteen queue, outside or in the hall(lunchtime only). They are not to use them in corridors whilst walking to or waiting for their lessons. There will be some occasions when a teacher may give permission to use mobile phones for an activity in their lesson; however, this is likely to be by exception and the rule is that no phone should be seen or heard in classrooms.

We will use our current policy when a mobile phone is used inappropriately which is to confiscate it until the end of the day.

If a student uses their mobile phone inappropriately on a number of occasions we will look at inviting parents in to talk through the issue. We strongly believe in ensuring each and every student is in an optimal learning atmosphere at all times with no possible distractions.

At Torpoint Community College we are keen to continue educating our young people on how to use their mobile phone responsibly and appropriately. This is so they can be used as a tool to communicate in a positive manner as well as make additional progress by using it as a learning tool. With all students, staff and parents continuing to work together as a strong partnership we can achieve success for all.

We would like to thank you for your support with this reminder about mobile phone usage.

Click here for the presentation relating to the above.