Super 8’s Athletics News

Congratulations to our athletes who took part in the Super 8s athletics championships at Par last  week. We are still waiting for the individual results but we have received a letter to confirm that our Year 7 girls athletics team has made the County Super 8s final and will be representing North and South East Cornwall at Carn Brae next week. They have trained incredibly hard since Easter and we wish them all the best.

Visit to Plymouth College of Art

“On Thursday 14th June The Art, Design and Technology Faculty took 49 Year 10 Art, Textiles and Product Design GCSE students  to Plymouth College of Art to have a tour of the Degree Shows. We were shown around by three of the Degree Graduates from a variety of the courses on offer – thanks to Sally, Ed and Charlotte for their informative and enthusiastic tours!

The students saw a wide diversity of work across the many Campus’ studio spaces and got a great ‘feel’ for the kind of work that the College produces at this level. They saw the work of Fashion students, Costume Design right through to Illustration and Gaming Design, via Photography and 3D Crafts! There were some highlights and some gasps of surprise at some of the more visually challenging work! But all the students agreed that it was a great experience and that it had inspired them, made them think and made them question their own creative ideas.

The Year 10 students were a credit to the College and their impeccable behaviour and clear enthusiasm for the work was commented on by PCA staff – they were one of the best school groups that they have shown around!”

Sports News

The Year 7 athletics teams took part in the Plymouth and West Devon Schools Athletics Championships at Brickfields this week, competing against 12 other schools. They have trained hard since Easter and did really well to cope with the nerves of competing in a stadium as an individual sports person, many for the first time. Most notable successes came from the following:

Kate 1st 300m

Kate 2nd Long jump

Bella 1st 800m

Beth 5th 70m hurdles

Heidi 5th 200m

Girls 4 x 100m relay 2nd

Girls team overall finished 4th just behind Plymouth College, DHSG and PHSG

( Year 7 girls’ team : Beth, Marley, Heidi, Holly, Holly, Kate, Bella, Maddy,)

Kairan 5th 100m

Ben 4th 200m

Ben 3rd Shot putt

Dan 4th 300m

( Year 7 boys’ team: Ben, Kairan, Kristian, Jacob, Dan)

Our athletes gained enormous confidence from this competition to take this forward to the SE Cornwall Super 8s at Par athletics track

Miss Milford and Mr Evans

Cloning Success

Year 13 Biologists have explored the world of micro propagation and following a precise protocol have managed to successfully clone a genetically desirable cauliflower! The baby clones are doing well, but it will still be a while before any cheese needs to be grated!

Mayor’s Cadet

Congratulations to Year 11 student Joshua Foster who has recently been selected as the Mayor’s Cadet for the next year and will accompany him in parades and on engagements in the area.

Joshua has been Scouting for 10 years.

Well done Joshua!

New Head Boy and Head Girl

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Chris Robinson-Jones as our new Head Boy and Amy Pearton as our new Head Girl. We would also like to congratulate Spencer Shepherd for his appointment as Deputy Head Boy and Ellie Colton for her appointment as Deputy Head Girl.

All four students will be excellent ambassadors for the College and fantastic role models to all of our students. We wish them every success in their new roles.

The process involved written applications from our Year 10 students explaining why they would be suitable candidates for the role of Head Boy or Head Girl. We received lots of very well written applications from the students. Staff and members of the Student Council then voted for their preferred candidate.

Congratulations to Chris, Amy, Spencer and Ellie and thank you to all the students who applied for the Head Boy and Head Girl positions. We look forward to seeing our new Student Leadership team play an important part in leading student voice and representing the College at various events over the coming year.

Maths Workshop

 Four students from Mr Doogan’s Year 9 maths class attended a maths workshop at Plymouth University last week.

The students investigated the number of pizza slices they could get depending on the number of times it was cut. It started out as a simple problem but quickly got quite complicated and some complex maths was required! The students also looked at estimation (for example how many litres of water would a human drink in a lifetime), and what presumptions they would have to make for their estimates to be as accurate as possible. Finally they looked at the mathematics behind a clever card trick – again the problem got quite complicated the further students investigated!

The students all really engaged in the day, worked well as a team and were a credit to the College. Well done to Luke, Connor  Joe and Kate.

Macbeth Performances

On Thursday 10th May, a cast of 22 students from Years 7 to 10 put on a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in the Main Hall.  It was a pleasure and a privilege to see so many parents and students there at the evening performance, to share and celebrate an evening of theatre, literature and Drama.

The students were cast in their roles before Christmas and have been rehearsing since January, committing to learning their lines and attending both after College and holiday rehearsals.  Their dedication and commitment to this project has been outstanding.

The play was performed to both Year 8 students at TCC, as well as to Year 6 pupils from Carbeile Primary School, in two matinee performances on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th May.  This was an excellent effort from all concerned and has been celebrated by all who had the pleasure to watch, appreciating in particular the skill of delivering Shakespeare, speaking in language quite foreign to our students!     

Our technical team, including two students in Year 8, were extremely committed to delivering seamless support, with an original score written by Mr Baker (Head of Music) as well as sound effects and lighting, generating ‘special’ effects with few resources. 

Congratulations to one and all – you have all been amazing, and I very much look forward to future projects in 2018-2019, celebrating the diverse skills and talents displayed by so many of our students here in the College.

Ms Bertram

Lord Mayor’s Ceremony

Year 7 student Harry Sprague was recently invited by the Military Kids Club (MKC) to attend the inaugural ceremony of the Lord Mayor of Plymouth where he carried the MKC National Standard in the procession.

Well done Harry!

UCL Quality Mark

In March of this year, Torpoint Community College was delighted to receive their UCL Quality Mark in Holocaust Education status. Mrs. Lane, History Teacher and Lead Teacher for Holocaust Education in the College, travelled to Swindon to accept the prestigious award, at the ‘Empowering Young People to Change the World 2018’ conference and gala awards dinner.

UCL Centre for Holocaust Education works with schools to enable young people to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the significance of the Holocaust and to explore its relevance for their own lives and the contemporary world. Developing this area of the school curriculum has also been shown to have significant benefits for broader educational goals, for pupil engagement and achievement, and for teaching and learning across a range of subject disciplines.

The Quality Mark serves to uphold the integrity of the UCL Beacon School programme, ensures key criteria and expectations are met and that innovative best practice, specific to individual school contexts are recognised. The award of the Quality Mark and re-designation of UCL Beacon School status is the result of a successful review process.

The Quality Mark visit to Torpoint Community College was held in February of this year. Dr. Nicola Wetherall MBE shared the following findings in her comprehensive report:

During their Beacon School year, Torpoint Community College have developed a clear rationale for their approach to Holocaust education that speaks to affective and cognitive outcomes for learners. They are developing a specialism and expertise in the field that is rare in the South-West, in terms of its depth, vigour and innovation. As a result, the provision for and impact of Holocaust education at Torpoint Community College has significantly improved because of participating in the UCL Beacon School programme.

The scheme of work/learning and wider Holocaust education offered at Torpoint Community College has seen careful collaboration with a number of curriculum areas, develop in a coordinated way; retaining their distinctive disciplinary natures but enabling students to ‘join the dots’ and apply their knowledge and skills. Contributions by Drama, Geography and the tutor programme each retain its distinct disciplinary nature. This sets a compelling model for planned collaboration in other departments across the school and does demonstrate what is possible. This speaks too, to the ‘can do/can try’ attitude of staff, and the openness found throughout the review to reflect on existing strengths and consider areas of development as areas for opportunity and innovation.

Torpoint Community College have found their Beacon School to be important of itself, but recognised its opportunities to serve other whole school, educational policy agendas: SMSC, Global Learning, FBV, citizenship, healthy schools and Prevent. Together this work serves to enhance and enrich the students’ personalised curriculum, sense of self, personal development, well-being and safety. The holistic values led approach is a model of excellence, as it does not become ‘lessons from’, nor atomised from a strong historical base. It is instead embedded in presenting students a range of evidence and stories and the opportunities to develop independent thinking and criticality. Using the UCL pedagogy and principles of practice, supported by excellent questioning, Torpoint Community College have enabled young people to discern, explore and reflect on the moral and ethical issues

Students and staff are interested, motivated and enthused by the approach and the subject matter. Student voice is especially strong: students are articulate, offering sophisticated and nuanced insights in empathetic, confident and thoughtful ways. Student substantive knowledge was shown to be sound, their use of subject specific terminology excellent. The students were the Schools best ambassadors regards the impact of Holocaust education, understanding the depth of opportunities they enjoyed at Torpoint Community College in this area of study was not common, rightly regarding it a ‘…very powerful and important learning experience.’

Paul Salmons, Programme Director for UCL Centre for Holocaust Education commented; “We are delighted to award our ninth Quality Mark to Torpoint Community College, whose work as a Beacon School has been so richly recognised in their report, and whose passion and commitment to this programme has been recognised by Centre colleagues since 2016. The report testifies to how creative and innovative approaches to the past can help secure both academic and holistic outcomes for young people that are meaningful, whilst supporting generic teaching and learning benefits and playing its part in whole school improvement. Staff, governors, students and parents should be very proud of all that has been achieved to date, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you in coming years.”

Dr. Nicola Wetherall MBE also commented; Holocaust education at Torpoint Community College is outstanding; a superb example of how research informed pedagogy and innovative practice can help inform, engage, inspire and empower young people by safeguarding the future by learning about the past. Its provision is wide-ranging, innovative and of exceptional quality and innovation. With Acting Headteacher Dr Plumb and within its offer you find the core elements of all that is best about UCL Beacon School Quality Mark status. With College leadership team support from Mr Golding, a gifted and ambitious Lead Teacher, Mrs Lane, has embarked on a journey in partnership with the Centre, which has improved student outcomes, refreshed teaching and learning, encouraged research engagement, helped support school improvement and reinvigorated colleagues, both personally and professionally. Torpoint Community College provides all necessary proof that investing in Holocaust education can have far reaching consequences for curriculum design, assessment, teaching and learning, leadership, school improvement and investment in staff, whole person development, SMSC and far-reaching outcomes for learners – it was a huge pleasure to visit, to see such impactful and impressive work. Students, staff, community and governors should be proud of this Quality Mark award; it is richly deserved recognition of Torpoint Community College’s commitment and efforts in the field of Holocaust education.

I am delighted to report that Torpoint Community College have shown themselves richly deserving of our Quality Mark. Staff are truly committed to the view that the Holocaust is a critically important part of young people’s educational experience and appreciate the complex challenges that this rich and disturbing history poses, and its students recognise the worth and relevance of their experience of Holocaust education. They have a growing and much respected national and international reputation for this work and such recognition is richly deserved.”

You can read our UCL Quality Mark in Holocaust Education report here;

Follow our Quality Mark Beacon School story on Twitter @TCC_BeaconHolo

Year 9 Science

Year 9 have started their GCSE required practicals with 9.2b looking at density today.

They created a rainbow of kitchen cupboard essentials showing the different densities of liquids and solids.

Gardens for Life

Gardening for Life posters competition judged by TCC gardening gurus (aka the science technicians)

This involved all Year 8 students producing designs to reinforce how to behave safely and sensibly when out in our garden area.

Top prizes went to Josh Hopson, Saffron Trudgeon and Sam P who all won large packs of chocolate buttons.

Consolation prizes went to Chianna A’lee, Momtaj Hasnet, Rosie Robinson–Jones and Fern Stepp who also received chocolates.

Small packets of Haribo were given to Flora Bennetts, Edward C, Maddie Johnson, Jason Ryder, Abi Mann, Will Cutler, Molly Evans, Jorja Robinson, Harry Webber and Taran Purchall.

One prize winning poster had no name on so that prize was eaten by the judges!

Well done Year 8!

Gardening for Life update

All Year 8 classes have now had access to our gardening resource room and their classrooms are full of plants that they have grown from seed and ready to be planted out soon.

The collection of large (2litre) plastic drinks bottles is on-going. We still need more please in order to have enough to build a greenhouse during Activities Week this summer.

Netball News

Congratulations to the Year 7/8 netball teams who played Saltash last week and won 15-0 and 10-1. Nominated players were Beth Farrow and Maddy Johnson who both played excellently in centre before switching to GA in the second half. The Year 7s  remain unbeaten with only Callington left to play. Year 7/8 Netball Club will continue to run on Wednesday lunch times throughout the Summer Term

Athletics News

We now have dates for several athletics competitions this term. Practices run throughout the week at lunch times and after College on a Monday. Teams will be selected shortly from practices.

PE News

Some keen Year 10 girls are using their lunchtimes to practice athletics events. They are preparing themselves for the upcoming Super 8s athletic event in June. Each student will have to compete in both a field and track event. These events are javelin, shot putt, long jump, high jump, 100m, hurdles, 200m and 1500m. We look forward to seeing how they do!

The Ten Tors Challenge 2018

A massive well done to everyone who took part in the Ten Tors Challenge 2018.   After months of training in mainly cold, damp and misty conditions the main event turned out to be quite glorious – ideal for spectators but not necessarily for the walkers.

The 45 mile team stormed in at  11 am on the Sunday with Team B finishing the 35 mile route around 3 pm.  There was disappointment for Team A who unfortunately ran out of time.  It is a challenge for a reason and all those that took part in the actual event should be very proud of their achievement.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who train and support the students as well as a thank you to parents for supporting their children.  Students are reminded to return all team equipment (including maps , compasses & flags) to the College as soon as possible.

There will be a Ten Tors presentation evening on Wednesday 23rd May in the Sixth Form Common Room, at 6pm.

Richard Feast Memorial Mile

On Friday 4th May staff and students at Torpoint Community College took part in the 4th annual “Richard Feast Memorial Mile”. For the first time in the event’s history, sunshine appeared on the day to greet over 600 runners and walkers. Participants wore a range of different clothing from the event’s theme colour of pink, to dinosaur outfits to flamingos and other animals! All participants were running in memory of a former teacher at the College and to raise money for two local charities, Children’s Hospice South West and Hugs from Henry.  All students had a great time and were hugely supportive of each other in completing the mile in any way they chose to.

Over £1,100 has been raised so far.

Well done TCC!

Year 10 students perform at Festival

Over the weekend of 28th and 29th of April, Isabella Spicer and Ebren Purchall performed at The Vintage, Jazz and Gin Festival at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park presented by Miss Ivy Events.

The girls performed as a Duet in the main house throughout both days with Ebren singing, whilst Bella accompanied her on Mount Edgecumbe’s own Grand Piano.

This was the girls’ first formal booking with Miss Ivy Events who have also asked them to perform again at Kitley House Christmas Fayre in Devon.

The girls have performed as volunteers for Mount Edgcumbe Estate over the last year on occasional Sundays to help bring the house alive for visitors as they tour the historic rooms.

Well done girls!

Maths Research Project at TCC

TCC Maths department are really excited to have been chosen to be part of a research project using resources designed to support students through their GCSE. At this stage we do not know if we are to be a ‘control’ group, or an ‘intervention’ group, we will update you as soon as we know.

Parents of Year 9 students should receive a letter about this which has gone home with students today.

Please return the reply slip to acknowledge receipt of this letter by 17th May 2018.

Torpoint Community College – Parental Info Letter