Health and Wellbeing Day 2017

TCC has recently held its second annual Health and Wellbeing Day for Key Stage 3 students to promote healthy eating, healthy minds and healthy bodies.

This year’s event was attended by Torpoint Town Mayor ,Councillor John Crago, and was supported by many speakers including our canteen manager and catering department who showed students how to make healthy food and snacks. There were also representatives from Cornwall Council, Cornwall Healthy Weight, Livewire, Kooth, Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust, Headstart Kernow, YMCA, Cornwall Sports Partnership, Pentreath, Brook, Young People Cornwall and Sainsburys who provided a free late breakfast.

Our BTEC Sport students also showcased  their work with demonstrations, practical challenges and consultations.

This was an excellent day and our sincere thanks goes to all those who supported it.

Sixth Form Trip To Cardiff University

A number of Sixth form students visited Cardiff University yesterday to see what courses they have on offer.

The students toured the site and had a look at the surrounding area to see if it is somewhere they would like to attend University when they finish their A Levels.

Fidget Spinners

The latest craze with students appears to be ‘fidget spinners’ (stress relieving toys) and is causing teachers, staff and students distraction and irritation both in lessons and social timeAs a result students will be informed that they must not be visible anywhere in the College (lessons, break or lunch etc) and there is an absolute ban for students having these unless it has been agreed with the SENCO or Student Support Centre Manager. We would be grateful for parent / carer support with this matter. Thank you.

Mock Ten Tors

The conditions were almost perfect  for the Mock Ten Tors training this weekend.  The students left College on Friday evening and camped near Okehampton, ready to start 7am on Saturday.  They walked down the east side of Dartmoor and camped in Princetown, then set off early on Sunday, from Two Bridges, to walk up the west side of the moor finishing at Shortacombe – with the reward of some well-deserved cake!

Well done to all those who took part and a big thank you to all the adult helpers. Unfortunately not all those who completed the expedition will be selected for the Ten Tors Challenge. However, they should be congratulated on their achievement and Mrs Porter and her volunteers are very proud of them.

Please could all team equipment be returned as soon as possible ready for checking before the main event.

Rotterdam Marathon

Congratulations and a massive well done to TCC Maths teacher Mr Doogan who has recently completed the Rotterdam marathon in 4 hours and 8 minutes.

Mr Doogan has raised over £600 for Children’s Hospice South West.

Pupils ambitious to succeed – Torpoint Community College graded Good in recent Ofsted Inspection

In a recent inspection, Ofsted judged the quality of education at Torpoint Community College as continuing to be ‘good’.  The inspectors praised teachers, leaders, support staff and governors pointing out their dedication and determination to support students in achieving high standards.  Inspectors recognised that staff know students well and provide a high standard of care and support, and praised the safety, welfare and all-round development of students acknowledging how this attention to detail prepares the students well for the next steps in their lives.

The inspection team recognised that there is a very positive learning environment at the College and students throughout the school, including the Sixth Form, make good progress.  They also found that at all times, including during break times, lunch times and lesson changeovers, students’ behaviour  was excellent as was their attendance to College.  Inspectors found that students were proud of the College and have confidence in their teachers.  Students in the Sixth Form at the College spoke highly of the quality of teaching and support they received from their teachers and inspectors commented that the Sixth Form remains the natural choice for most Year 11 students.

The Inspection Team recognised that students were ambitious to succeed and worked well with each other.  Praise, in particular, was given to the assessment system used in lessons across the College.  The inspectors praised how teachers dedicated time in lessons for students to reflect on their learning and how to improve their work.

The College’s Headteacher, Mrs Andrea Hazeldine, said ‘The College is delighted with the outcome from the recent Ofsted visit and will continue to strive to sustain and improve the high standards already achieved. I would like to extend a special thanks for the support of parents and the community who recognise the importance of working together for the benefit of students.’

To read the full report please go to

Gwithti Beach Clean

The TCC Gwithti volunteers joined the Torpoint & Rame Lions Volunteers  to collect plastic ‘treasure’ from Tregantle Beach.

The treasure will now be washed and turned into stunning visual displays with the help of Louise and Mary from the Lions.

Ten Tors

There will be a Mock Ten Tors meeting tomorrow – Wednesday 19th April from 3.30pm – 5pm in the main hall. 

Please could those not continuing training return team equipment.

Ten Tors Training

There were many sun & wind burnt faces returning from the first two day training expedition on Dartmoor.  Although the sun shone, the cold wind kept the temperature down.  The teams set off from the small village of Belstone near Okehampton and walked across the north moor to camp near Prewley.  The students all settled in their tents by 9 o’clock after pitching tents, cooking, eating and tidying – a first for many years. 

On Sunday, after the clocks had moved forward, they were up and prepared to start walking again from the Y-junction near Okehampton Army Camp.  Some struggled for various reasons but most successfully completed the walk across and down the moor to finish near Warren House Inn.  A big thank you to the adults who were out supporting the students over the weekend and for organising the transport home, after one of the buses broke down at Okehampton.  

Please could students return any maps, compasses & team phones as soon as possible ready for the Mock expedition straight after the Easter holidays.

Headstart Kernow Letter

Please be aware that all Year 7 and Year 9 students will be bringing a letter home on Thursday 30th March for your attention.

If you do not want your child to participate in this research with Headstart Kernow you will need to complete the opt out form.

Year 11 Drama

Year 11 Drama students have had a busy week working throughout ARD on their performances. A ‘Celebration Evening’ was held on Wednesday Evening for an invited audience of their family and their final exam will be taken on the last day of term! They have worked very hard with passion and commitment which showed in their final pieces.

Well done and congratulations to all Year 11 Drama students.

Amnesty Youth Team Update

I am extremely proud to report that in the run up to Christmas 2016, our resident Amnesty youth team rallied themselves to support the Saltash-based, humanitarian, refugee aid organisation ‘Open Hearts Open Borders’, following a very successful ‘Music for Action’ lunchtime performance in the College. We raised £150 and collected box upon box of donated tinned food for the shipment to Syria. With money in hand, our small band of committed human rights advocates headed down to Sainsburys in Torpoint and filled their trolleys with as much food and baby care essentials as their money could buy. In support of their efforts, the store manager even generously donated the youth team an additional £50 gift voucher which they added to the pot.

Two hundred pounds later and the group and I headed to Saltash, hoping to catch the last Syria-bound aid shipment to leave the South West for the next several months. Amazingly we arrived just in time, as a hard working human chain of volunteers loaded a truck with boxed food, clothing and toiletries. Determined to contribute to this show of compassion by local volunteers, our Amnesty youth team joined the human chain to help shift mountains of aid from the sorting depot to the awaiting truck. It has since been reported that NGOs in Syria have received our container of humanitarian aid and that it has been distributed to vulnerable Syrian refugees who so desperately need it. A massive congratulations to our TCC Amnesty youth team for their far reaching, humanitarian work. Well done!

Mr Isbell

Pi Challenge

The Inter House Pi Challenge took place on Thursday last week and ended up being a keenly fought contest between some highly talented mathematicians!

Defending champ Kate in Year 8 was hoping she could hold onto the “pi champ” crown for another year, but Sam in Year 12 was also determined to regain the title of “pi-miester” after being usurped by Kate the previous year!

Hollie (Year 9), Luke (Year 8), Kieran (Year 7) and Tom (Year 12) were also up for the challenge and any one of them were capable of causing an upset!   

After 3.14 minutes of frantic writing and biting pencils, the time came to count the number of digits each student had scribbled down.

Hollie’s work was the first to be checked, and she remembered the first 25 digits of pi – an excellent effort. Next up was Kieran, who went higher remembering 44 digits. Superb stuff!

Tom  and Kate had theirs checked next. Tom weighed in with 54 digits but made a mistake at digit 55! Kate went better with 55 digits, but again could have got more but for a mix up on digit 56! The last two students needed to be marked. The first of these, Luke raised the bar with an incredible 68 digits of pi recalled. It was just Sam that stood between Luke and “pi-glory”….but incredibly Sam went further than anyone else in the 4 year history of the pi-challenge!! A mind-boggling 150 digits of pi written down in the correct order (he actually wrote 170 digits but made a small mistake at digit 151!). A gargantuan effort from Sam and by far the highest total of digits recalled by a student from TCC in a pi challenge.

Here are the final results….

1st Sam (6th Form)                    150 digits

2nd Luke (Tregonhawke)         68 digits

3rd   Kate (Polhawn)              55 digits

4th Tom  (6th Form)                53 digits

5th Keiran (Tregantle)             44 digits

6th Hollie (Polhawn)                25 digits

Well done to everyone who took part! They all got an appie pie for their efforts, second and third place got maths geometry kits, and winner got a £10 Google Play voucher!

Torpoint Students Success in UK Maths Competition!

Thirteen of our top mathematicians in Years 9, 10 and 11 took part in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge in February. The maths challenge is a one hour paper that contains a variety of questions that involve puzzles, problems, logic as well as maths, which make them challenging and enjoyable to those taking part. It is a national competition with 250,000 of Britain’s best mathematicians taking part. The paper is designed to challenge the most able students and get them to think about the maths skills that they need to use.  There were some fantastic results at Torpoint Community College with the following four students participating receiving awards.

Craig  (year 11) and Hollie (year 9) both came top of their year groups. Josh  (year 10) achieved a Bronze certificate and Genna of year 10 achieved a Silver certificate which puts her in the top 30% of mathematicians her age in the country! She also received the Best in Year 10 and Best in School Certificate.

Inter House Maths Challenge

This year’s Inter-House Maths Challenge involved students using their artistic design skills as well as their maths skills. The activity took place during Maths Week, with years 7, 8, 9 and 10 all having a go at the challenge.

The students were asked to work in teams of four, and each had to come up with a design including their house logo, as well as some mathematical shapes. 
They then had to pass their design onto someone else in their team to reflect, rotate, or translate, so each team ended up with four designs!

There were some fantastic designs from all the year groups, and the students really enjoyed the opportunity to use their art and maths skills at the same time. A lot of thought went into many of the designs, showing an excellent understanding on different transformations.

Mr Doogan, a Maths teacher, helped to organise the event and said, “ There was a real buzz in the hall during each year group challenge. The students worked well in their teams, communicating and explaining reflections, rotations and translations to each other very well. They all seemed to really enjoy it.”

UKMT Maths Team Challenge

Torpoint students have been taking part in the regional heats of some maths challenges against local schools in recent weeks.

The UKMT Maths Team Challenge took place at Coombe Dean School and involved students from years 8 and 9. The students had to negotiate a number of tough rounds, including a group competition, a mathematical crossnumber, a relay round and a shuttle round. Our students worked really well as a team, and showed some excellent mathematical reasoning during the day. We finished a credible 10th overall out of the schools that took part. Well done to Kate and Luke in Year 8, and Jenna and Jack in Year 9.

The FMSP Maths Feast took place at UTC Plymouth and involved students from year 10. The rounds were split into a true or false round, a comprehension round, a relay round and a problem solving round. Our team of year 10 students were fantastic, showing a brilliant understanding in the early rounds, and being right up there with the leaders. The final rounds were challenging, and our students made an excellent effort on some very tricky problems. We ended finishing 9th overall, but our students should be very proud of how they performed. Well done to Tyler, Adelina, Catrin and Genna.

Both sets of students were fantastic, and were a credit to the college.

Gwithti News

Lions Youth Officer, Louise Slee, popped into TCC recently to show the Gwithti volunteer students some beach debris that she had collected in preparation for their beach clean in April.

Students then made some pictures with the ‘treasure’ that had been washed up.

TCC Careers Fair 2017

TCC held its own Careers Fair on 14th March. A range of employers and higher education institutions took part including; Babcock (engineering), Plymouth University,GP Strategies (Apprenticeships), Skills Group (Apprenticeships), CITB (careers in Construction), Tescos, Ginsters, Exeter University, University of St Marks and St. Johns – Marjons, 3D Kernow – 3D printing, Nurturing Excellence – Food Science, Cornwall College – Animal Care, NHS Careers, Army, RAF and the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.

All students from year 8 to Sixth Form were invited and were able to ask questions as well as pick up many leaflets with more detailed Career Advice and all students were able to have time to contemplate the sort of careers the would like to pursue. The atmosphere and engagement of all students was excellent. This marks the end of our Career Week celebrations – don’t forget to check out the CareerPilot website to do some careers research and planning –

Auschwitz Trip

On Wednesday 1st March two Year 13 History students, Emily Baker and James Fortt, visited the Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz in Poland.  They travelled as part of the Lessons From Auschwitz programme and both Emily and James had applied for places on this year’s trip.  They will be working with year 9 students over the next few weeks in lessons to help them understand what happened during the Holocaust.  Here they describe their experience:

“Upon arriving at Krakow airport, we were directed into the coaches that would drive us to the town of Oświęcim. Here we could see the barren field that was once the Great Synagogue and the large market square that once housed merchants from all walks of life. There we were shown photos of the square which acted as a testament to pre-war Jewish integration into Polish society. From there we took a short coach journey to Auschwitz I, the first work and death camp to have been installed near the town. The red brick buildings that housed thousands of prisoners now serves as a museum so that we might not forget the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime. The atmosphere here was sombre as we progressed through the iconic gates where the slogan “Work sets you free” mocked the arrivals with false hope. Another short journey away was the second, and larger, Auschwitz II Birkenau, the scale of which astounds all upon arrival. This camp was far larger and primarily operated as an extermination camp on an industrial scale. To finalise the message of remembrance made here, a service was held here by a Rabbi before our return.”