Academic Review Day


We are now inviting parents / carers to book their Academic Review Day appointments on either Thursday 28th November between 4pm and 7pm, or Friday 29th November between 8.30am and 1.30pm. Please fill in the letter your child has taken home to request a time for an appointment with his or her tutor to review their great work and progress so far this year,and to talk through any queries you may have. It is a chance to celebrate success and identify areas of improvement if necessary. 

Thank you for your support. 

Sunday 3rd November – Ten Tors Training Walk 

The weather turned nasty for the students training for the Ten Tors Challenge.  They set off from Two Bridges in sunshine but had to complete an alternative route due to high river levels.  The students successfully completed the walk even though it was wet and misty for their last few tors.  The next walk is this coming Sunday (17th November) with navigation training on Saturday afternoon.

Year 9 Option choices for September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please note that this letter includes a great deal of general information and dates related to the Year 9 option choices. Please make a note of the following important dates:

Year 9 Options Information Evening, 7.00-8.30 pm Tuesday 14th January 2020

Year 9 have a very important year ahead, one of the decisions they need to make this year is the option choices they will be following in year 10 and 11 here at Torpoint Community College. Below are some important dates for your diary for the option choice process.

On Monday 4th November 2019, all year 9 students attended an assembly, where they were introduced to the option choice programme. This was to initiate their thinking about the choices they can make for year 10 and begin the option choice process. An “Expression of Interest Option Form” was circulated to survey the possible options that students will select. Please note that this was simply a survey at this point to investigate the general student interest in subjects. 

The Year 9 Options Booklet will be published during the week beginning Monday 16th December 2019 and will also be available on the College website after this date. We hope that you and your daughter/son will find it helpful in discussing their options before they make their final option decision in January 2020. The booklet will contain detailed information on the range of courses available in Year 10 and 11 and pathways into our Sixth Form. Our aim is to provide a curriculum which offers students of different abilities and aspirations a broad, balanced, challenging and relevant educational experience. The optional subjects will be arranged to provide the maximum choice and balance.

On Tuesday 14th January 2020 there will be the Options Information Evening from 7.00 to 8.30 for year 9 students and parents/carers in the College hall. At this evening the option process will be explained, current educational changes explained and there will be an opportunity to talk to curriculum leaders of learning and teachers about their subject choices.

The final deadline for the all option choices to be submitted to Dr Plumb is Friday 31st January 2020

I look forward to seeing you at the Option Information evening in January.

Yours sincerely, 

Dr. Jeremy Plumb                       


Miss Elizabeth Bell

Associate Assistant Headteacher

Money Mules – Don’t Be Fooled

Devon and Cornwall Police have recently written to the College about the issue of ‘Money Mules’ as part of their ‘Don’t Be Fooled’ awareness campaign and we would like to share this information with the parents of our students and with our wider community. 

“Parents and guardians in Devonand Cornwall are being urged to warn their children about the dangers of becoming a money mule, with national figures revealing the number of 14-18-year olds misusing their bank accounts has risen by 73 per cent in two years. A money mule is someone who transfers stolen money through their own bank account on behalf of someone else and is paid for doing so. Criminals use money mules to launder the profits of their crimes.   Young people are often unaware that acting as a money mule is illegal, not being aware of the provenance of the money going through their accounts. They are approached to take part online or in person, including through social media, at school, college or sports clubs.  

Figures from Cifas, the largest cross-sector fraud-sharing and prevention non-profit organisation in the UK, show that in 2018 there were 5,819 cases nationally of young people aged 14-18 using their bank accounts for money muling in the UK. This is a rise of 20 per cent on 2017 (4,849 cases) and a 73 per cent increase since 2016 (3,360 cases). 

Further information and advice about money mules is available at

Inspector John Shuttleworth of Devon & Cornwall Police said: “In a four year investigation into nationwide large scale fraud Devon and Cornwall Police, involving adults embroiled in money laundering, found the predominant feature for many of the people suspected of money laundering was a naïve understanding of where money had come from when it appeared in their bank account. 

“Some would turn a blind eye for a cut of the money or sometimes sell the bank account to someone without asking why. Some were completely fooled into thinking they were doing a ‘friend’ a favour by lending their account details and security information.  

“To be clear, when someone asks to borrow or use your bank account, they will be doing it for the purpose of hiding stolen money that is often stolen from very vulnerable victims or from the proceeds of drug trafficking and a like.  Don’t do it, it’s illegal – you could end up arrested whilst someone somewhere will be profiting from the exploitation of the vulnerable”.

Mike Haley, CEO of Cifas, said: “The increasing use of social media means that young people have never been more vulnerable to becoming victims of fraud. Many youngsters are unaware of the devastating consequences that fraud can have on their future opportunities, and so teachers, parents and carers can play an important role here by ensuring young people have the necessary knowledge and skills to prevent them from unwittingly falling victim to fraud, or even become perpetrators themselves.”

Katy Worobec, Managing Director of Economic Crime at UK Finance, said: “It may seem like an easy way to make some cash, but as well as being illegal, being a money mule means you will also be helping to fund serious crimes such as drug dealing and people trafficking. When you are caught your bank account will be closed and you will find it difficult to open an account elsewhere or get a mobile phone contract or credit in the future. Remember, never give your bank account details to anyone unless you know and trust them.”

Follow the advice of the Don’t Be Fooled campaign to spot the tell-tale signs that someone might be involved in money muling and for tips on how to stay safe: 

  • Make sure your child doesn’t give their bank account details to anyone unless they know and trust them.
  • Tell them to be cautious of unsolicited offers of easy money, because if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Look out for your child suddenly having extra cash, buying expensive new clothes or electronics with very little explanation as to how they got the money. 
  • A young person involved in money muling may become more secretive, withdrawn or appear stressed.

Parents and guardians are advised not to attempt to contact any individual they suspect of organising money muling and should instead contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Football Tournament

This group of Year 7 and 8 girls attended a 6 a-side football tournament run by Plymouth Argyle at the Manadon Sports Hub on Wednesday 30th October. The conditions were less than favourable! The girls were wet through and cold but this did not dampen their spirits. They put so much effort into every game and never gave up even against some experienced teams. Hopefully future games bring us some better weather!

Well done girls.

Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch

Year 10 Enterprise Day – Apprentice style challenge 

Year 10 students took part in an Enterprise Education day organised by the CSW Group on the Friday before half term. Students were given a brief to market a product and come up with a business plan. Students were helped by a range of STEM Ambassadors and business mentors to prepare presentations to present to the other students in their groups. The students used a range of team working, communication and presentation skills over the course of the day. The STEM Ambassadors and business mentors judged the presentations and chose the winners who had some great products and well explained business ideas. We hope the entrepreneurial spirit will take off with these students. 

Office 365 for Students

Microsoft Office 365 is now available for students aged 13 year or over studying at the College. As long as you are a current student at the College and are above the minimum age requirement, set by Microsoft, you can download or access Office 365 by following the instructions in the following document …

This service is provided by Microsoft and will remain active for the duration you’re on roll at the College. Should you have any issues accessing the software please contact Microsoft Support directly for assistance.

Cross Country Championships

Evan Barnes took part in the Fun Run held at the Millenium Centre in Pensilva on Sunday 3rd November run by East Cornwall Harriers, a Liskeard Running Club. He ran a fantastic race and won his age category. Evan has been part of each of the Cross Country events that TCC has attended and has performed really well. He is also part of a small group of TCC students who are travelling down to Newquay on 10th November for the Cornwall AA Cross Country Championships. Good luck Evan and well done!

Taekwondo  Success

Year 8 student Grace has recently attended the National Taekwondo competitions at The Nuffield Health Centre.  

Grace received a bronze medal in Chon-Ji, which is patterning display and a gold medal for Sparring.

Grace has been attending Taekwon-Do and entering competitions for almost 3 years and has quite a collection of other medals.

Well done Grace!

Attendance reminder

At Torpoint Community College we believe that the greater the attendance, the greater achievement. We aim for an environment which enables and encourages all members of the community. For our students to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is vital that they attend regularly and be at College, on time, every day. If your child is absent please contact the College as soon as possible on the first day of absence and on each subsequent day of absence. If it is a planned absence, please complete an Absence Request Form. Please note that the law does not grant parents/carers an automatic right to take their children out of school during term time. Parents/carers can commit an offence if they fail to ensure the regular and punctual attendance of their child at the school which the child is registered, unless the absence has been authorised by the school. If your request for absence is refused and you still take your child out of College on holiday in term time then we will refer the matter to Cornwall County Council and they may decide to issue a Penalty Notice. Penalty Notices for absences of 5 days are £60 per parent per child. For more information please refer to the attendance policy displayed on the college website.

 HMS Excellent

Students from Torpoint Community College have recently been to HMS Excellent in Portsmouth training for 2 days before going to London on Sunday 20th October for the Trafalgar Day Parade on Horseguards Parade where they performed with the Massed Bands of the Sea Cadets.

Well done Matthew, Jayson, Harry, Izzy, Ella, Charlie & Issy.

Matthew is currently at HMS Collingwood, Portsmouth, undertaking a ‘look at life’ work experience course with the Royal Marines Band Service.

Safeguarding & student mobile numbers

Recently we have come across some situations where it would have helped significantly to keep a student safe if we had been able to contact them directly on their mobile. However, we do not currently store student numbers. Lots of school and institutions do. Starting at Academic Review Day on the 28th November we will be asking parents and carers to add student mobile numbers to the Data Collection Sheet so that student mobile numbers can be collected and saved on sims. This is for safeguarding and emergency use only. No student will be contacted directly unless agreed in advance by a member of the Safeguarding Team or CLT.

The protocol is as follows:

· Students will only be contacted on their mobile number if there is an emergency situation that requires it and there is an important safeguarding reason for doing so.

· Staff must seek approval from a member of the Safeguarding Team or CLT  before contacting a student.  

· Staff who contact students directly in this way must do so on a College phone only and never on their own mobile.

If anyone would like to discuss any aspect of this please feel free to contact the College and ask to speak to Becky Lear – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Science News

Miss Carr’s Year 8 Science class today got the opportunity to explore a career in the entertainment industry as lighting technicians.  Students have been studying the properties of light and today focused on which coloured filters would provide the best lighting for different stage performances.  Students were able to reflect on their prior learning and confidently suggest the best solutions based on investigative approaches and scientific  theory.  Well done Year 8.

Revised timetable for the Millbrook road works from Monday 04th November 2019 until Friday 15th November

We have received the following information from Citybus

Good Afternoon

Please find attached the revised timetable for the Millbrook road works from Monday 04th November 2019 until Friday 15th November (unless the work is delayed). This timetable will operate Monday to Friday and Saturday. As there will not be a shuttle service on Sunday all services will serve the West Street Car Park Millbrook to drop off and pick up passengers.

The shuttle service will operate from 08.30 in the morning until 18.00 in the evening and will shuttle between Cremyll and Insworke Quay via Lower Anderton Road. Passengers heading towards Millbrook will connect with the shuttle service at the junction of Lower Anderton Road and the B3247. Passengers head towards Plymouth the shuttle will connect at Cremyll.

All services out of the shuttle operating hours will drop off and pick up in the West Street Car Park. This will also be the pickup point for all students for Torpoint School & Community College. In the morning the 70 will depart at 07.55 and the 70A will depart at 08.00. In the afternoon the drop off times will be 15.49 & 16.06. We would like to apologise to all students from Insworke who will have to walk to the West Street Car Park, unfortunately we are left with little alternative.

For further information please contact our Customer Experience Team. / 01752 662271.

This timetable will be displayed on our website early next week.


Kind Regards

James Church | Customer Experience Manager |
Plymouth Citybus Limited

direct 01752 264 245 
Mobile 07966 275 287

email 1 Milehouse Road, Milehouse, Plymouth, Devon PL3 4AA

Emergency revised timetable

Ten Tors introductory walk

Well done to all of the students who took part in the introductory Ten Tors walk last Sunday. They were greeted with all that Dartmoor could offer from rain and mist to lovely sunshine!  Thestudents had the opportunity to have a go at navigating around the Princetown area using a map and compass.  Those that wished to continue with the Ten Tors training attended the parents’meeting on Wednesday and are now ready to start their Ten Tors adventure.

The next walk is planned for Sunday 3rd November with the meeting on Wednesday 30th October. Have a good half term.

Year 12 Biologists 

Year 12 Biologists have settled into the challenges of studying for their A level.

Pictured are our year 12s carrying out a required practical assessment where they were tasked with dissecting a chicken wing. Chicken wings are useful to study as all vertebrate limbs are fairly similar and have homologous structures as we all evolved from a common ancestor. Therefore studying the chicken wing helps us to understand the structures present in our own arms including muscles, bones, tendons and how the synovial joints function. Well done to all!

SWI Contact Telephone Number Update

I am writing to inform you of the changes we’ve made to our contact details.

During the summer months it was brought to our attention that some mobile network providers were adding on additional charges to our local rate 0845 number.

We understand there may be a perception that the 0845 number we have been using was giving the company an income. This was clearly not the case however we think it is best to avoid this perception and to remove the opportunity for mobile network providers to add additional charges.

We have therefore made the decision to remove it from our telephone directory and website leaving our 01928 as the contact number for parents/carers.

Should you or your parents/carers wish to contact us please use our main number below.

We will also update your order form with these details when we communicate it to you in the New Year.

·         Customer Service Telephone Number: 01928 752 610

If you have nay questions relating to this please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Lauren Monks

Customer Account Manager

Preparing to Stand Together HMD2020

Last week we welcomed PCs Turner-Moore and Makowska to talk to Year 8 students about Hate Crime, in preparation for Holocaust Memorial Day 2020. The theme for the next HMD is ‘Stand Together’. As a UCL Quality Mark Beacon School for Holocaust Education, we Stand Together with Holocaust Memorial Day Trust which encourages remembrance in a world scarred by genocide. We promote and support Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) – the international day on 27 January – to remember the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust, the millions of people killed under Nazi Persecution and in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

As part of this remembrance, some of our Year 8 students have been selected to creatively respond to the themes introduced by Devon & Cornwall Police Hate Crime Division and Diversity Team and to provide work for the annual Hate Crime Competition. Their work will be displayed at Truro Cathedral on HMD 2020 for public viewing. In addition, all Key Stage 3 students will participate in a College-wide creative project to provide work for an art installation in the Kensa Gallery in January 2020.

We were honoured to receive PCs Geoff Turner-Moore and Jack Makowska talks and are really excited about this opportunity to Stand Together to counter language of hate and Hate Crime.

College Holocaust Education Nationally Celebrated

Last month we had the pleasure of delivering two photobooks to UCL Centre for Holocaust Education. These photobooks consisted of work undertaken by Mrs Debbie Jones, Art & Design teacher and her tutor group in 2018, as a response to the Holocaust Memorial Day theme of ‘Torn From Home’.

Mrs Jones was inspired and motivated to provide research in the form of a sketchbook, following the visit from a Holocaust survivor, Mala Tribich MBE, to Torpoint Community College in 2017. When asked by a colleague, ‘Mala…what would you like us to do now?’, Mala replied, ‘Tell the stories of those who cannot’.

Mrs Jones took on this task and following the creation of her phenomenal sketch book, it inspired her tutor group to provide art work, as a creative response to the theme, Torn From Home.

UCL Centre for Holocaust Education shared this work nationally through their website and through social media, and commented, This week the Centre received two copies of a very special photo book…its cover image is Debbie’s final piece…a truly inspirational accumulation of all of her thorough and engaging research and a humbling example of how one person’s story can inspire not just one colleague, but in turn many young people.

We have passed on a copy to Mala, and have retained one in our office. It’s proof of how one teacher, her students, a wider school community can be inspired by a survivors testimony. It reminds us that knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust can take many forms, including resulting in the most incredible artwork. We know Mala will be as touched, inspired and impressed by the school, its teachers and students commitment to Holocaust education. On behalf of the Centre, many thanks to Mrs Charlotte Lane for inspiring this response as Beacon School Lead Teacher at Torpoint Community College – to the remarkably talented Ms Debbie Jones and to the students who were informed, engaged, inspired and empowered by her sketchbook”. What a wonderful creative legacy as a result of Mala’s words!