Online Safety Concerning TikTok

Highly Concerning TikTok Video

Please be aware of this very concerning information that has recently been shared with us about a video on TikTok.

There is a highly graphic video currently trending on the TikTok App of an adult live streaming their suicide. Whilst TikTok have stated that they are doing their best to remove the video, it has been shared across all social media platforms thousands of times including under fake captions. Some captions on TikTok are as trivial as ‘look at the pasta I cooked tonight’ before the video then plays. Therefore, the young people can come across the video without even searching for it. We cannot emphasise enough that this video is extremely distressing and we urge young people, parents and carers to avoid the TikTok App whilst this video is in such high circulation.

The BBC have been reporting this if you would like further information:

If you require support with online safety or have wider concerns about your child’s online safety please refer to or  or contact Mrs Lear or myself  

Mr C Pease