Pi Challenge

Pi Challenge

The Inter House Pi Challenge took place on Thursday last week and ended up being a keenly fought contest between some highly talented mathematicians!

Defending champ Kate in Year 8 was hoping she could hold onto the “pi champ” crown for another year, but Sam in Year 12 was also determined to regain the title of “pi-miester” after being usurped by Kate the previous year!

Hollie (Year 9), Luke (Year 8), Kieran (Year 7) and Tom (Year 12) were also up for the challenge and any one of them were capable of causing an upset!   

After 3.14 minutes of frantic writing and biting pencils, the time came to count the number of digits each student had scribbled down.

Hollie’s work was the first to be checked, and she remembered the first 25 digits of pi – an excellent effort. Next up was Kieran, who went higher remembering 44 digits. Superb stuff!

Tom  and Kate had theirs checked next. Tom weighed in with 54 digits but made a mistake at digit 55! Kate went better with 55 digits, but again could have got more but for a mix up on digit 56! The last two students needed to be marked. The first of these, Luke raised the bar with an incredible 68 digits of pi recalled. It was just Sam that stood between Luke and “pi-glory”….but incredibly Sam went further than anyone else in the 4 year history of the pi-challenge!! A mind-boggling 150 digits of pi written down in the correct order (he actually wrote 170 digits but made a small mistake at digit 151!). A gargantuan effort from Sam and by far the highest total of digits recalled by a student from TCC in a pi challenge.

Here are the final results….

1st Sam (6th Form)                    150 digits

2nd Luke (Tregonhawke)         68 digits

3rd   Kate (Polhawn)              55 digits

4th Tom  (6th Form)                53 digits

5th Keiran (Tregantle)             44 digits

6th Hollie (Polhawn)                25 digits

Well done to everyone who took part! They all got an appie pie for their efforts, second and third place got maths geometry kits, and winner got a £10 Google Play voucher!