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This year, as part of the Rights Respecting Schools tutor programme, TCC has been focusing on the humanitarian crisis which has been taking place across Europe over the past 2 years.  Refugees from Syria and the middle east have been forced to flee their homes to seek safety in neighbouring countries, meaning that 2 million children, and millions more people, lack access to the most basic necessities to survive.  Our students here at TCC have discussed the events which have led to this crisis, and the circumstances surrounding them.  As a college who works closely with UNICEF, taking the rights of our students seriously, supporting the United Nations Convention for the Rights of a Child (UNCRC), we encourage our students’ views and opinions on matters that both affect them personally in college, as well as those issues that affect children and young people in our communities, as well as on a wider scale – concerning the rights of those children in our global community.

This Half Term’s RRS tutor sessions have already begun and are centred around Holocaust Memorial Week, with the official Memorial Day on January 27th.   The sessions have been designed to engage our students in order to encourage a greater understanding of how genocide is real, and is happening across the globe today.

We have recently forged links with the UCL Centre For Holocaust Education, becoming Cornwall’s first Beacon School in Holocaust Education – which is headed up by Charlotte Lane here at TCC.  This project encourages students to make connections between major historical events with modern day conflicts and atrocities happening right at this very moment.  The tutor sessions have been designed to ‘unpack’ some of the terminology of genocide and Holocaust and to investigate and discuss subsequent  issues, events and the impact of these terms. 

The Aims are:

  •  to develop understanding and knowledge of genocide around the world
  •  to promote the elimination of ignorance regarding matters which affect the world,  particularly in developing countries
  • to develop an understanding of Holocaust Memorial Day and why it is held each year
  • to encourage freedom of expression in whichever appropriate form and to provide opportunities for this expression  
  • to discuss and investigate survivors of genocides around the world and suggest ways in which we can help/remember

We believe that because of the relevance of this months’ memorial,  this is the perfect opportunity to engage our students with this subject, promoting Global Citizenship as part of being a RRS, as well as supporting students’ studies in History.

Thank you to everyone for all your generous donations to the ‘Love in a Box’ campaign last term.  The boxes were delivered to the Open Hearts Open Borders charity before Christmas.  They have been gratefully received and the letters especially have been hugely appreciated. 

We are lucky to have such a fantastic amount of support from our students, parents and staff alike for those less fortunate than ourselves – Thank you to you all.