Safeguarding & student mobile numbers

Safeguarding & student mobile numbers

Recently we have come across some situations where it would have helped significantly to keep a student safe if we had been able to contact them directly on their mobile. However, we do not currently store student numbers. Lots of school and institutions do. Starting at Academic Review Day on the 28th November we will be asking parents and carers to add student mobile numbers to the Data Collection Sheet so that student mobile numbers can be collected and saved on sims. This is for safeguarding and emergency use only. No student will be contacted directly unless agreed in advance by a member of the Safeguarding Team or CLT.

The protocol is as follows:

· Students will only be contacted on their mobile number if there is an emergency situation that requires it and there is an important safeguarding reason for doing so.

· Staff must seek approval from a member of the Safeguarding Team or CLT  before contacting a student.  

· Staff who contact students directly in this way must do so on a College phone only and never on their own mobile.

If anyone would like to discuss any aspect of this please feel free to contact the College and ask to speak to Becky Lear – Designated Safeguarding Lead