Science Week Poster Competition Winners!

Science Week Poster Competition Winners!

Thank you to all the students who took part.  Their work was beautiful and the standard was high – it was difficult to pick the best 5.  The entries were chosen for the following reasons:

Nixie and Leia chose to show diversity in the animal kingdom.  They chose animals indigenous to the different continents and the shapes of the animals have taken the shape of the continents. 

Edgar and Ashley’s incredible piece of work is so striking because of its relevance to current climate change issues.  Also, note how the beginning letters spell out “How Dare You”.

Kathryn’s beautiful artwork represented diversity on number of levels.

We chose this poster because of the time and effort Josiah went to.  He interviewed colleagues of his father’s workplace to find out about what they like about their jobs and what inspired them to work in their diverse roles.

Tilly and Scarlett’s entry really stood out in terms of colour, design and effort.