Sixth Form student becomes a Princeton USA scholar

Torpoint Community College Sixth Form student Matt Allen is heading off to America in September to take up a scholarship place at Princeton University which is ranked as 1st in the USA.  He is the only student in Cornwall to have been successful and secured a place at this prestigious institution.  Matt gained his place as a result of making an application via the Sutton Trust USA programme of Summer Schools. Former Princeton scholars include two former presidents and Michelle Obama as well as writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald to name a few.


Matt is an exceptionally talented student, currently on track to achieve all A grades in Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. He is also a good athlete and has been part of the College’s football team and was heavily involved in gymnastics.  Matt will follow a mixed programme of academic subjects at Princeton until he decides his specialism in the second year.

Assistant Head in charge of Sixth Form Becky Lear said, “We are incredibly proud of Matt and all he has achieved. He has worked hard for this and thoroughly deserves such an amazing opportunity. It couldn’t happen to a nicer student. We fully expect to hear about the incredible things he has done with his life in a couple of years. ”

Matt has already found this to be a life changing event and has recently visited the US Embassy and met with the Ambassador as part of preparations for taking up his place. Whilst there he met a number of dignitaries including the owner of Sainsbury’s.

Head Teacher Andrea Hazeldine said, “This is a significant achievement for Matt and well deserved: one that will have positive repercussions throughout his life.  Everyone at this College supports him with their best wishes.”