Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

Over this half term, our year 7-10 tutor groups have been taking part in a ‘Spelling Bee’ competition, based on a list of commonly misspelled subject-specific words. Over subsequent weeks, we whittled down our incredible spellers until we were left with the final ‘fantastic four’: Amy Pearton, Jenna Taylor, Beth Robinson & Kaitlyn Lancaster, who had to strive to spell some truly difficult words, such as ‘irascible’ or ‘antediluvian’. It was a very close competition, resulting in our 2015 TCC Spelling Bee Champion: Amy Pearton!

A huge well done to all who took part in the competition, as part of the College’s drive to constantly improve literacy standards across all key stages.

Next year we will investigate joining the national Spelling Bee competition but overall we had a great time this year.

Mr Pease & Mrs Williams