TCC Mock EU Referendum Results

Landslide outcome for the UK to remain in the EU at the mock EU Referendum held at Torpoint Community College.

Students were given the opportunity to give their opinion by voting to Remain In or to Leave the EU in a Mock EU Referendum at Torpoint Community College last week.

The College’s Student Leadership Team and Student Council felt young people’s views should be heard and that students too young to be able to take part in the real EU Referendum should have an opportunity to have their say.

Students were given the chance to debate the issue as part of the tutor programme.  Students were then given a voting card, a replica of the one used for the EU Referendum on 23rd June, and asked to vote.  The votes where collected in a confidential “ballot box” in the College’s Library.

The College saw a 58% turn out of the student population in the mock EU Referendum and the result of the vote was announced on Monday 23rd May just a month ahead of the national vote.

77.88% voted in favour of remaining in the EU with just 25.43% wanting to leave the EU.  With only a couple of spoiled papers the result was clear.

A spokesperson for the College said “It is important that young people engage with and are involved in the democratic process and have a say in something that will affect their futures.  The stimulus materials they used in the College represented both campaigns: Remain and Leave and students exercised their choice.”