The Family Foraging Kitchen

The Family Foraging Kitchen

Year 9 Food Preparation and Nutrition students have taken part in a food foraging trip with the Family Foraging Kitchen. The workshop took place on the school grounds itself, where the children safely explored basic wild edibles and participated in an outdoor cookery class, making ‘Wild Study Snacks’. These included Banana & Wild Seed Slices and Sweet Potato , Dandelion & Dock Leaf Patties.

Information sheets were given to all the students on the day and the children were able to take these home to share with their parents and carers as well as providing a record of all the wild plants that they studied during the day and the recipes for the snacks that they created.

The session was designed to address where food comes from, health, nutrition, cookery skills and healthy eating. Furthermore, to raise awareness of nature deficit disorder and thus encourage children to have less screen time and spend more time outdoors learning about and respecting our natural environment.

Vix, Founder and Chief Executive of The Family Foraging Kitchen, also discussed in depth the nutrition of the plants students picked and the history surrounding them. Furthermore, she discussed exciting and tasty recipes that use these ingredients and the health benefits of each plant studied.

Of course, there was a serious aspect to the trip and Vix highlighted in detail the dangers of simply picking any flower or plant that line our hedgerow. She spent time pointing out flowers and plants that were bad for our health and stressed that students must only forage for food with a trained professional and only eat items when they are 110% sure of what it is.

A fantastic, informative day was had by all involved.

Mrs Donald