World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day has taken place on the 22nd February since 1926 and is a day when Guides and Scouts celebrate being part of an international movement.  It is a day when they think of others around the world, global issues and help to raise money for their organisations.  The day was chosen as it was the birthday of both Lord Baden Powell, founder of the Scout & Guide movement and his wife Olave, who served as World Chief Guide.

Students were allowed to wear their uniform to College for the day.

Year 9 student Bella told us about her involvement.

My name is Bella and I am part of the Torpoint Explorer Scout Group. I have been part of the group for eight years and they have been the most amazing years. With the scouting community you can start at age 6, at Beavers, then from there you can go onto Cubs, Scouts and then my group, the Explorers, which you can start at age 14.

During these years you will learn many new skills such as knot tying, swimming, canoeing and you will get to go on many exciting camps that can last for a whole weekend. When you join the Scout group you will be given a 5 to 6 week trial to see if you enjoy it before you are enrolled. When you are enrolled there is a ceremony where you say the Scout law, you will be given a Necker, a badge and certificate to say well done and welcome to the Scouting Community.

Every time you learn a new skill you will earn badges that you sew onto your jumper or shirt. Although we have lots of fun at Scouts we also do important things like parades.  We usually do St George’s Day and the Remembrance Parade to show off our group and to show we are proud to be a Scout.

Overall Scouts is a fun activity for all and teaches you the best skills you will need.