Year 11 Bulletin

Year 11 Bulletin

Week Beginning 06/02/17


Triple Science Revision!

With 3 Biology, 3 Physics and 3 Chemistry exams this summer every little bit of revision / past paper practice / summary note making will help! The mock exams are not so far away now!

DBR – Drop in sessions any lunch Tuesday to Friday.

LOD – Monday – Thursday lunchtimes as well.

Use tutor time to complete SAM Learning and look at BBC Bitesize AQA Science too!

Y11 Additional Science

Room 43 is open every day at lunch as a quiet place to study / science revision.


Maths Revision!

Mr Doogan is in Room 1 EVERY TUESDAY if any year 11’s need any help with either MyMaths Homework or if they need any specific maths revision.


For Mr Pease’s English group

Let me know if you want to go through anything you’ve found difficult / don’t understand and we’ll arrange to meet during a tutor time to go through it!

For Mrs Doidge’s English group

Restarting Christmas Carol on a Thursday and introducing Poetry Clinic on Tuesday – All welcome Room 7 from 1:40. Please see Mrs Doidge if you want a note to bring lunch to Room 7.

For Ms Bertram’s English group

First revision session beginning with Ms Bertram in Room 8 from 1:30 – 2:15 (Students can bring lunch with them). This will be continuing every Friday until further notice.


Geography Revision

Geography Girl Group – Monday lunchtime – Room 55 – Miss Lindup

Geography Revision – Tuesday lunchtime – Room 55 – Miss Lindup

Geography Revision – Wednesday tutor time – Room 54 – Mr Bray


A reminder to GCSE Art and Design Students

Intervention sessions are as follows:

Monday – Thursday lunchtimes and Monday after College (3.20 – 4.30pm) in Room 30 with Miss Thomas

Wednesday – Friday lunchtimes and Wednesday and Thursday after college (3.20 – 5pm) in Room 40 with Mrs Jones.

Some revision tips from Mr Golding…