Year 11 Update

Year 11 Update

As you are aware teachers have been asked to provide guidance for exam boards about grades for your cancelled exams. At this stage we do not know exactly how the exam board will use these to generate the actual grades that will be given. As with all exam seasons there is of course a likelihood that some students will not achieve the grade they want.  The current guidance states that there will be an opportunity this year for students to sit their exams at some point if you want to (but they are yet to give specific detail about this).  Both grades will stand so you do not need to worry that if you perform less well in the exam you will lose your original grade. 

As this is a time of uncertainty, we want you to be in the strongest possible position for all eventualities.  We will therefore continue to provide learning materials for Maths and English.  We know from cognitive science that repeated practice improves memorisation so you have a lot of time at the moment that you can use to your advantage.  We fully expect that using your lesson time equivalent should be enough to stay on top of the content and to ensure that things you have learned are not forgotten.  Not only will completing this work prepare you for any potential examinations in the future, but also prepare you for your next steps in education by keeping an active approach to learning.  

Mrs Seaman and Mrs Lockett will provide learning materials for you to work through.  As and when you complete work you can email your class teacher for support or feedback.  If you would like work for other subjects, email your class teacher and they will provide it for you.  This work will not be used to decide on your teacher assessed grades.

Mr Golding will also be providing you with a package of learning to support your transition to post 16. 

Please use this link to access further information