Year 7 Remote Learning – September 2020

Year 7 Remote Learning – September 2020 

As you are aware, your child’s first day will be Friday 4th September 2020. We will then not expect to see your child until Friday 11th September 2020 (Due to a phased reopening). Therefore, from Monday 7th September 2020- Thursday 11th September 2020 your child will be set compulsory learning from TCC. 

During the tutor session on Friday 4th September, your child will be provided with the following- 

  • College Timetable (Paper Copy) 
  • Leap Into Learning Booklet (Remote Learning tasks for the week mentioned above) 
  • A login memo (Piece of paper where your child will record their login details for the school computer and SMH) 

Each curriculum area has provided a set of short tasks which should be completed during this week in line with your child’s timetable (Please note, W/B 7th September will be a Week 1 on the timetable).  

If your child did not receive a timetable or has misplaced it, please do one of the following- 

  • Look on Show My Homework (SMH) to view your child’s timetable for W/B 7th September, so you know which lessons to complete work for 
  • Complete a range of tasks from the booklet if you are unable to access SMH 

Please note that we will not be providing exercise books for your child to complete this work in, this is due to the range of subjects and different subject teachers that will need to see this work. Please choose one of the following- 

  • Complete the tasks on plain or lined paper 
  • Print the pages from the booklet (which is attached to SMH) 
  • Complete the tasks on the computer i.e. Microsoft Word (This work can then be printed or sent to the subject teacher) 

Please be advised that- 

  • All subject teachers will expect to see the work from your child (if that lesson was timetabled for W/B 7thSeptember) 
  • Please bring the work in on the first day your child is due to have the lesson e.g. if your child has Geography on Monday 14th September, please bring in the Geography remote learning (If it was completed following the timetable).  
  • If your child completes all tasks and would like something else to complete during this week, please be advised that during the summer term, Curriculum Leaders also set tasks for ‘summer projects’, if these were not completed by your child, there are some extra tasks that can be completed which can be found here-
  • Some staff may also set work on Show My Homework for the learning in this week (if the tasks are not in the booklet), so please monitor this platform also 

We thank you in advance with your support with this and we look forward to seeing you all on Friday 4thSeptember 2020.