Year 7 – TCC Passport

Year 7 – TCC Passport

On Tuesday 28th September 2021, the TCC Passport for Learning will be launched for all Year 7 students. The Passport for Learning is a tool which we will use with our Year 7 students to support them in meeting our high expectations and become successful, independent learners. The passport will contain:

  • A page for students to record login details
  • Uniform information
  • A college map
  • A page for students to write out their College timetable
  • A page for tutors to record Uniform & Equipment Checks
  • A ‘notes’ section to be used by staff & parents.

Students are expected to always have their passport with them (the passport will be A6 size so it will fit into their blazer pocket). As parents and carers, it is our hope that you will be able to check the passport daily and help us to address uniform/equipment concerns, check for any notes and celebrate the positives with your child (parents and carers are also able to write notes in the ‘Notes’ section on the weekly pages).

Thank you for your support.

Torpoint Community College