Children in Care

At Torpoint Community College we believe that all Children in Care should have equitable access to excellent educational provision and achieve at a similar level to all Cornwall children. We, as a ‘school’ community, aim to be champions for Children in Care and will take a proactive approach to support their success, recognising that we have a vital role to play in promoting children and young people’s social and emotional development. We have adopted the model Child in Care policy from Children In Care Education Support Service (CICESS).

Our Aims To Support Children In Care

  • Provide a safe and secure environment, which values education and believes in the abilities and potential of all children.
  • Close the gap – bring the educational attainments of our Children in Care in line to those of their peers.
  • Ensure appropriate use of Pupil Premium Plus* to support education
  • Make sure that they have access to education appropriate to their age and ability. This includes access to a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Identify ourCollegess role to promote and support the education of our Children in Care.
  • Ask the question: ‘Would this be good enough for my child?’
  • All settings are required to have a Designated Teacher (DT) (Statutory regulations from September 2009) for Children in Care who will act as their advocate and coordinate support for them, liaising with carers, natural parents (as appropriate) and social workers on a wide variety of educational and care issues
  • All staff and governors are committed to ensuring improved educational life chances for Children in Care by ensuring that the relevant personnel have reasonable support and time to compete tasks and responsibilities. Also, to establish and maintain appropriate reporting and monitoring procedures, both within the College and with other agencies.

The Designated Teacher for Torpoint Community College is Becky Lear.