Uniform and Dress Code

College Uniform

In the event a parent has a concern sourcing an item (or items) of College uniform, they should contact the College to determine if there is any support available.

Black College Blazer: with logo (as purchased via SWI).

Please note, we are allowing students to wear a plain, black, no logo, V-neck jumper to go under their blazer.

This is not a replacement of the blazer but can be worn as an extra layer. whilst we have optimum ventilations in the classrooms during the pandemic

White Collared Shirt: tucked into trousers or skirts (not see through) white shirts must have white or clear buttons. (Plain skin coloured vest tops maybe worn underneath the shirts)

College Tie: Clip on navy/sky striped (as purchased via SWI).

Skirts: Black “classic” style skirt that is either straight or pleated. Skirts should not be tight
or made of stretchy fabric. The hem of the skirt should be no more than 10cm above
the knee.

Trousers: Plain, black “classic” style trousers. These should be straight legged and not tight.
There should be no large belts, zips on the sides or buckles and belts should be plain black. Trousers should not be made out of a denim fabric, chino’s or leather.

Shorts: Plain black “city” shorts or tailored black shorts. Not cargo style or sports shorts.

Shoes: Black shoes of sensible design with low heels. Shoes should protect and support feet to comply with the College’s Health & Safety Regulations. No stilettos, boots (including ankle boots) or platform shoes. Shoes must have no coloured visible brand, laces, soles or labels.

Tights and Socks: Tights – plain black (no pattern) or flesh coloured. Socks – plain black, grey or dark blue and below the knee.

Hats and Head Covering: No hats to be worn in College unless medical reasons are provided. The wearing of a head scarf or hijab, for religious reasons, is permitted.

Jewellery: One pair of small discreet ear lobe studs may be worn and only one small discreet ring on the finger. Ear stretchers are not permitted neither are earrings or body piercings. No facial piercings are permitted; this includes tongue piercings. A wristwatch and a maximum of one bracelet may be worn

Hair/Hair Ornaments: Extreme and exaggerated hair colouring or style and cuts are not acceptable. The colour of hair should be within the natural range. Also, for example, grade 2 and above is acceptable and tramlines are not acceptable. If unsure please contact the College for clarification. Plain hairbands may be worn.

Make-up and Nails: The make-up worn should be discreet and appropriate for a school environment. Nail varnish should be clear.

The full uniform must be worn at all times when students are on the College site (grounds and buildings) and as directed by staff. Permission may be sought from staff to remove a blazer during the lesson if appropriate.

Students may remove blazers in exceptional circumstances, when taking part in a physical activity at break and lunchtimes outside or if the Headteacher deems that weather conditions mean that students should be given permission to remove blazers. This may happen in the last half term of the summer term.

Any breaches to the Uniform and Dress Code will result in sanctions when first noticed during daily routines or regular checks. This is in line with our Behaviour Policy and will ultimately be at the discretion of the Headteacher where a specific breach is not contained in the policy.

PE Kit




  • Boys Pro-Tec Rugby Shirt – Navy/Sky (to be purchased via SWI)
  •  Boys & Girls Vapour Polo Shirt – Navy/Sky (to be purchased via SWI)
  •  Plain Black/Navy shorts (or Cuatro Shorts ** from SWI)
  •  Plain Black or Navy socks (or Coolmax Socks ** from SWI)
  •  Trainers (canvas plimsoll shoes are not acceptable)
  •  Football boots
  •  Gum shield and shin pads
  • Towel



  •  Boys & Girls Cuarto Track Pants
  • Navy/White (to be purchased via SWI)
  • Rugby scrum caps are recommended but not compulsory
  •  Boys and Girls Cuatro Shorts** – Navy/White (to be purchased via SWI)
  •  Boys and Girls Coolmax socks** – Navy/Sky (to be purchased via SWI)




  • Boys & Girls Vapour Polo Shirt – Navy/Sky (to be purchased via SWI)
  •  Plain Black/Navy shorts or leggings (or Cuatro Shorts ** from SWI)
  • Plain Black or Navy socks (or Coolmax Socks ** from SWI)
  •  Trainers (canvas plimsoll shoes are not acceptable)
  •  Football boots
  •  Gum shield and shin pads
  • Towel


  •  Boys & Girls Cuatro Track Pants – Navy/White (to be purchased via SWI)
  • Girls Cuarto Fleece** – Navy/White (to be purchased via SWI)
  • Boys &Girls Cuatro shorts** – Navy/White (to be purchased via SWI)
  •  Boys & Girls Coolmax Socks** – Navy/Sky (to be purchased via SWI

Students are expected to bring PE kit for every lesson even when excused through ill health or
injury. This is because they are able to be assessed in the role of an official or coach even
though they are not able to participate in the practical sessions for whatever reason. We
recommend students bring a towel and plastic carrier bag as sometimes students will be
required to participate in PE lessons outside in all weathers throughout the year. The official
College optional sportswear may be worn as appropriate. (See SWI website).

**Please note the SWI website states this item is compulsory which is incorrect. This item is an
optional purchase


Sixth Form Dress Code

Students in the 6th Form do not need to wear a uniform, it is important to us that they have the privilege of wearing their own clothes to College and that they are able to express their individuality.  However, it is also important they project a positive image to the rest of the College and community. Therefore, we expect them to adhere to the following dress code:

  • All students should make sure that no clothing is too tight, too short, or too baggy, ripped or unclean. Underwear should never be visible.
  • Make sure that logos or images on T shirts will not be considered offensive to anyone.
  • Please do not remove your tops completely, wear low cut tops, very low waisted trousers, mid rift tops or very short shorts or skirts without tights or leggings.
  • Everyone is free to wear hats, caps and hoodies, but please remember it is polite to take them off in lessons.
  • Footwear needs to be appropriate to the environment. For example, no open toed shoes in a science lab.
  • Aim for smart casual at least, but business wear would be preferred.