Revision Guidance and Resources

At Torpoint Community College we understand the importance of revision for the successful completion of exams. Revision is a vital part of preparation for school GCSE and A-level exams. We have worked hard to develop a pastoral programme to support students in KS4 to become more independent and to equip them with the skills and knowledge to revise effectively. Our weekly tutor programme focuses on 3 main areas; revision and retrieval practice, personal development and mental wellbeing.

Revision and Retrieval Sessions

Following feedback from students we have allocated specific times for students to work on their revision and retrieval skills. Tutors are on hand to support this process, model techniques and help students in choosing what and how to revise. Students are allowed in these sessions to choose what they want to do but are encouraged to tackle a range of different subjects using a range of different techniques. Tutors monitor students closely and if they are concerned about students will contact home. We have provided each tutor group with resources to use, including study guides for all curriculum areas. In addition to this subject staff are setting regular revision tasks via show my homework to ensure students are revising frequently throughout KS4.

Personal Development Sessions

Through the personal development sessions we will give students an opportunity to complete a range of activities aimed which focus on preparing them for the next steps after GCSE’s.

  • Opportunities to prepare a CV
  • Opportunities to write a personal statements
  • Opportunities to write a letter of application
  • More information / help finding out about post 16
  • Choices, Apprenticeships and College Courses
  • Information on how to prepare for job interviews
  • Opportunities to develop interview skills

Emotional Wellbeing Sessions

Whilst some stress is normal and can actually help students focus on exams, sometimes anxiety can get overwhelming and become a big problem. We believe that it is a vital part of the KS4 pastoral programme to support students and give them opportunities to discuss concerns and worries. In addition to this our Student Support Team may also do 1-1 work with individual students if needed.

  • We ensure that we provide opportunities to discuss mental health
  • Tutors will signpost information on where to get help when/if needed
  • Extra support and information at key times of the year to support us- mocks, final exam season
  • An opportunity to do something which is not revision based in one tutor session a week, to allow students to reflect on the week, discuss concerns, chat , play games etc

If you are concerned about your child please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s tutor or Head of House to discuss additional support.

Revision Support

This page will be regularly updated with revision tips, guidance and support for both parents/guardians and students. Please check back regularly for updates.

Some materials to support GCSE students in their preparation for exams are from the Login section of our website. The Year 11 Google Drive has additional materials for maths, English and geography.

The college also uses a number of online resources including, if your child is unable to access any of these please ask them to speak with subject staff who can reset/reissue passwords if necessary:

  • My Maths
  • Sam Learning
  • Show My Homework
  • Seneca

Parent/Carer Resources

Student Resources