Pastoral Care at Torpoint Community College Sixth Form

At Torpoint, we are extremely proud of our caring and supportive atmosphere. All students are assigned to their tutor groups at the start of Year 12 based on their subject choices. We find that this gives the students an academic link with their tutor group, and where possible the tutor will also be a subject specialist of at least one of the subjects taken by the students.

Additionally, support is provided by the Head of Sixth Form who oversees the tutor and careers programme. This is an essentially important aspect of Sixth Form life. Being able to make the all-important jump from GCSE to A-Level in a relatively short space of time is often one of the biggest demands a student faces. The importance of developing the tutor/student relationship is key throughout the time spent in Sixth Form. One -to -one meetings with the tutor throughout each year help to share concerns and worries and can provide focussed support when it is needed.

There are very clear and effective lines of communication between the tutor, student, subject teacher and the Head of Sixth Form so that at all stages the education of our students is paramount. We regularly review all aspects of our student’s education from progress, attendance and approach to study with half termly feedback reports. With this structure in place students are able to concentrate on their learning secure in the knowledge that they are clear who they can go to should there be any concerns. We have good relationships with our parents\carers and work collaboratively to ensure that our students achieve well in a caring environment. Students that join us from other schools are also well looked after and very quickly settle into life at TCC making friends and forming excellent working relationships with their tutors and class teachers.