Our Vision

Geography is the subject which teaches students about the world in which they live. It is an ever-changing world and the teaching of Geography at Torpoint Community College reflects this through the use of current, relatable and engaging content. We want our students to be curious about the world around them and we want to develop a fascination and passion for how our planet works in addition to building an understanding of how humans interact with it.

We aim to equip our students with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and the natural and human environments. Ultimately, Geography is the subject that teaches students about the past, present and future. We aim for all of our students to leave as well-rounded, highly skilled individuals with a core set of transferable skills, who are confident that they can make a difference to the world around them.


During KS3, students are introduced to the subject of Geography and cover content from both the Human and Physical Geography strands. Students are taught by a ‘continent’ based approach. We aim to broaden our students knowledge about the Earth’s natural processes (Water Cycle and Glacial Landscapes) in addition to teaching students about how humans interact with and develop the world around us (Human interaction in Antarctica).


At KS4 students follow the AQA GCSE Geography specification. This provides students with the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skills surrounding the topics of- The Living World, Resource Management, Hazards, Urban Issues & Challenges, Physical Landscapes and The Changing Economic World. In addition to this, students develop fieldwork skills and produce their own analysis based on their work.


At KS5 students follow the AQA A-Level Geography specification. This provides students with an opportunity to further develop and consolidate knowledge and skills acquired from GCSE. Students get to study Coastal Landscapes, Natural Hazards and Water & Carbon as their Physical Geography topics. In addition to Contemporary Urban Environments, Changing Places and Global Systems & Governance as their Human Geography topics.

Key Concepts

Place Knowledge
Location Knowledge
Human Geography
Physical Geography
Geographical Skills

KS3 Geography

Our Geography Learning Journey

KS4 Geography

Our Geography Learning Journey