Our Vision

At Torpoint Community College the PE department provides students with the opportunities to experience a vast range of sporting activities with the intention for every student to find “their sport” and for them to pursue a lifetime of active engagement. Students will participate in activities that are both team and individual based that will enable them to develop more than just the skills required to do the activity. Students will develop their leadership skills through peer coaching in team activities and, by the very nature of team sports, students will develop their social skills as they find a way to work successfully as a team in order to produce a positive outcome.

To further develop their interest in PE and sport, students are signposted to extra curricular sport sessions provided by TCC as well as community clubs that we feel will benefit the students further.

Year 7 – Exploration

Year 8 – Consolidation

Year 9 – Refinement

Students will be guided through a range of activities in each year. The skills they acquire and develop will be refined as they move through the college. All students will participate in the following activities during key stage 3: Football, netball, rugby, badminton, lacrosse, basketball, tennis, rounders, athletics, health related fitness, gymnastics and dance.

Teachers will assess the students both during match situations and skill practices in isolation. Each student will be assessed in every activity through their practical ability as well as their cognitive ability that includes leadership and ability to work as part of a team.

Key Concepts

Practical Skills
Problem Solving
Team Building
Social Skills

KS4 & Post 16 PE

Examination PE and Sport

Key stage 4

At Torpoint Community College the PE department provides students with the opportunities to pursue qualifications in PE and Sport.

During key stage 4, students have the option to pursue a Cambridge Nationals in either Sports Studies or Sports Science (Level 1/2). During this course, students complete a series of practical and theoretical assessments in the following units:

Sports Studies:

R184: Contemporary issues in sport

-R185: Performance and leadership in sports activities

R187: Increasing awareness of Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Sports Science:

R180: Reducing the risk of sports injuries and dealing with common medical conditions

– R181: Applying the principles of training: fitness and how it affects skill performance

R183: Nutrition and sports performance

Students are then encouraged to use this qualification and follow the pathway to our 6th Form Sport provision.

Post 16

In the 6th form, students have the opportunity to follow a qualification that leads into degrees at higher education or can be used as a lead up to an apprenticeship in sport. Students will complete the 2 year course in the Cambridge Technicals Diploma that covers a wide range of areas within PE and Sport within the units covered.

These units include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Sports Coaching
  • Health and Safety in Sport
  • Practical Skills (in team, individual and outdoor education activities)
  • Organisation of Sports Events
  • The Active Leisure Industry
  • Sport as a Business
  • Sports Development
  • Fitness Testing and Training
  • Sports Injuries
  • Physical Activity for Specific Groups