Ten Tors Training – 21st and 22nd January

Well done to the students who attended Ten Tors training at the College last Saturday. They had their equipment checked ready to start the official training on the 1st February.  The afternoon also gave the students an opportunity to pitch tents and learn how to use the cookers.  The final activity was how to use the shelter in an emergency, and some pacing for those who did not get the opportunity in the last session.

It was difficult to tell who enjoyed the Ten Tors training the most on the Sunday as the higher part of Dartmoor still had snow.  The students did well to keep to time whilst enjoying some snowball fights with the adults and making the occasional ‘snow angel’.  It was a circular walk to and from Shortacombe, near Lydford, on North Dartmoor.  The weather was ideal throughout the day, despite being cold, and at the start there was very little snow. However, on reaching higher ground there was plenty of it lying around, much to the delight of many of the participants. Well done to all who took part, and thank you to all the volunteers for their support as well as to parents who provided transport.