Our Vision

The media plays a prominent role in modern society and to understand how the media both presents and shapes our understanding of the world is essential to young people. In an age of fake news, it is more important than ever for students to be media savvy. Media studies is part of the English faculty and during KS3, taught as part of the wider English curriculum.

We have developed specific units that aim to cover the four key concepts of media which are studied in greater depth as an option subject at KS4. It is our aim to ensure that all students develop theoretical knowledge of media, but also have a chance to get creative and develop some practical production skills.

At KS5, media studies is an A level option that develops a far more sophisticated knowledge of the media, exploring the news, film and production methods.

Key Concepts


Curriculum Breakdown

Year 7

Media Texts and Terms
  • Media Language
  • Sign and Signifier
  • Construct A Media Product

Year 8

  • Stereotype
  • Decoding
  • Dominant, Negotiated, Oppositional

Year 9

Media Bias
  • Who Controls The News
  • Bias
  • Propaganda

KS4 Media

Media Learning Journey